How To Optimize Your Home for Your Furry Friends

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Our furry friends are our closest pals. They are there when we feel down as well as when the days are bright as sunshine. We want to give them everything that’s best for them, sometimes sacrificing our well-being in the process. In order to live a happier life, we have to balance our needs with the rest of our family members, including those with fur.

Here are some ways to optimize your home for your furry friends.

Install an air purifier.

air purifier

Animals can really put a damper on your indoor air quality. It’s because of this that we need to install systems in our homes that can provide us with better indoor air quality. One of these systems is called an air purifier. Air purifiers take your indoor air and filter any allergens like dust particles, pet dander, moisture, mold, and pollen floating around your loved ones. If you already have an HVAC system or air conditioner, you can install air filters and air purifiers that will clean the ventilated air. This will help prevent asthma in your family as well as allergies and any other respiratory conditions that can arise when raising pets inside your home.

Build them a nook.


Moreover, you can build your pet a nook so they can comfortably and peacefully relax during the day and sleep cozily at night. You can include a cushioned bed, toys, and if you’re a cat owner, a cardboard cat condo. A cat condo or cat house will make your cat feel like the king or queen they truly are. The cardboard will retain your cat’s smell so the rest of your furry friends know whose castle they’re approaching and will make them feel more secure. They can also stick their claws into these cardboard houses.

Install a smart doggy door.

A doggy door can help your pet become more independent when they need to go do their business in the wild. A smart doggy door, however, will keep your place safe in the process. Some smart doggy doors will read your pet’s implanted microchip and allow their passage. Some others use programmable collars to give the same functionality. They can be installed on doors, windows, and walls, and some can be programmed to open and close at given times.

Use a self-cleaning litter box.

self cleaning little box

An automatic litter box will help clean the air inside your home by automatically disposing of your pet’s wastes into a bagged and sealed container. It will save you the trouble of having to scoop it up yourself and dumping it in the garbage. Instead, you will only have to empty the machine once when indicated.

Use an automatic feeder.

Along with the other techy ideas, an automatic feeder will help your pet stay healthy and free up your time as well. They will allow the food to drop into their feeding bowls at a programmed time, and they will allow you to feed your dog while you’re away as well as prevent them from over- or under-eating.

Install heated tiles.

dog sleeping on heatd tiles

Lastly, if you have older pets, installing heated tiles in your home can be beneficial to them. Cold surfaces will cause your older pets pain on their paws and joints and can reflect on the rest of their body. Older pets can suffer from conditions like arthritis that can make it harder for them to live a quality life on your home’s floors. So why not provide them with the comfort they deserve for their undying loyalty through all these years?

These things can help your dog or cat feel at home as well as make your home feel more organized and in place.

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