How To Pick The Best Gold Diamond Ring For Your Queen

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There is nothing that speaks the words of love better than a diamond on a gold ring. Solitaires have been the symbol of love and commitment for decades. Now it is time for you to show your love for your significant other by purchasing a gold solitaire ring. It is true that diamonds are forever. That is why you need to choose one that will stand out from every other jewelry she owns and any other ring she has ever seen.

How to pick the solitaire for your engagement ring?

Over the years, technology has ushered in many changes. It has influenced the way we eat, sleep and shop. You can now order your engagement ring online from a trusted jeweler. However, a few qualities of diamonds never change. Check the color, clarity, cut and carat of any diamond you set your eyes on. Sometimes, the most gorgeous looking diamond might have a slight clouding or a narrow margin of error in the cut that can depreciate its value. To the untrained eye distinguishing similarly cut diamonds of comparable clarity and color is indeed challenging. More than an impressive budget, you need a friend to help you pick the right ring for your SO that will instantly make her say “yes.”  

Is yellow gold a smart choice for engagement rings?

Yellow gold is a smart choice for solitaires. It has a warm hue that goes with almost all skin tones. Yellow gold shines brightly on darker skin tones. The only problem with gold is its softness. If your diamond is over a karat, you will find it hard to convince insurance companies to cover the gemstone. According to experts, yellow gold is not strong enough to hold diamonds bigger than a karat. Next, the number of prongs holding the gem will also determine its insurability.

Why is white gold better than regular gold?

Many jewelers and buyers bypass this confusion by choosing white gold as the base. White gold is not as strong as platinum, but it is stronger than yellow gold. The JannPaul gold diamond ring looks like platinum, and now you can choose between shiny and matte finishes for your jewelry. However, it is significantly less expensive than platinum. We can understand that by going for a cushion cut or radiant cut or princess cut diamond that weighs over a carat, you are already expending a significant portion of your budget. So, white gold will suit your pocket better than platinum, and it should outperform yellow gold.

Why is platinum not the metal for everyone?

Platinum is an expensive option for any jewelry buyer. While buying your engagement ring, you should always think about the future costs including the wedding rings. Therefore, platinum might not be a smart choice for your diamond base since most women prefer wearing their wedding ring after the ceremony and keeping their engagement ring in the drawer or safe. White gold and platinum are practically indistinguishable to the naked eye. Even the jewelry expert will take a while to say the two precious metals apart.

If you want to choose a practical, yet timeless design for your loved one, go with a fine cut solitaire ring in gold or white gold.

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