How to Pick the Right Microphone That’ll Perfectly Suit Your Kids’ Voice

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If you have children that love to sing and want to practice their talents properly, then getting a decent microphone for them is definitely the best decision to support their hobbies or dreams. But, where do you start when you want to buy a new mic? 

If you’re in a bit of a pickle, we’ve come up with ways for you to figure out which one is best for your kids.

Live performance functionality at home

When it comes to searching for the best mic, you have to consider the fact that your kids will practice at home most of the time, either alone or in front of friends and family. You need to find the right microphone that will provide the proper clarity aspects when you use it at home; it doesn’t have to be too perfect with studio-quality results, but it would be great if you get it to ignore any background noises when your kids are singing. This makes it clear and loud enough for everyone at home to hear their amazing voice while singing a song that brings you all together. Remember to cheer them on!

Go for metal filter heads

Not many people realize this, but the filter heads on the mic can make a huge difference in the singer’s voice. It helps them sing to any acoustic and it will minimize any interfering noises that come with microphone for youtube videos sometimes, making your little singer’s experience a lot better while not feeling embarrassed with the extra noises while they sing. You will get complete clarity to what you’re hearing, and they will feel a lot more confident singing for you, making them happy and enjoying their time. The quality would be great for everyone in the living room, kitchen, and the upstairs bedroom too!

Wireless with a speaker

This is another thing you should think about to bring out the best in your kids. They might be a little nervous in front of people or would need extra encouragement and motivation from listening to music as they sing. This is why having a mic with a built-in speaker that plays instrumental versions of the song they’re singing, to help get them into the mood and allowing them to engage more. Also, when it’s wireless, it makes it easy to move around more and feel loose and free, helping them perform better and have more fun. And if the mic is designed to withstand movement without any extra interference noises, then their voice will be a lot better and filled with a lot more enthusiasm.

Voice changing features

If you have kids that are too young or they’re feeling sick on any given day, you can still encourage them to sing with some entertaining and funny voice changing modes that change the tone of their voice. Some microphones have options for voice alteration, whether it makes them sound very deep or auto-tuned. It might not be their real voice, but they won’t feel bad about it if their voice isn’t so good on any given day. This will give them more confidence to sing and just have fun with the rest of the family. 

Choose the right frequency response mic

This is a very important aspect to watch out for when you’re getting a new mic; it would be great if you understand how it works because each mic has a different diaphragm. Each one is designed specifically to pick up frequencies that are low to match someone with a deep voice or a smaller diaphragm that can pick up high-frequency levels in a voice. So, when it comes to your children, you need to get one with a smaller diaphragm to have their high-pitched voices sound clear and better. Keep in mind that children’s vocal cords vibrate differently than adults, it’s approximately 300 to 400 hertz when it’s picked up by a mic. So, make sure you have them test it to make sure it’s perfect for their voice.

Some kids love art, some kids love sports, while other kids love singing; it’s our job as parents to support and help them grow and achieve their dreams when it comes to their talents. It would be the best thing to show your child that you care about their hopes and interests, and this will strengthen your bond. Giving your child who loves singing a good new microphone that suits their voice will always be a great idea. It will bring out their talents, allowing them to nourish and improve their art. 

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