How to Plan a Modern Baby Shower

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As a Mom-to-be, it’s important you get the perfect baby shower. And, while your own Mom might be insisting on a traditional baby shower, you can still incorporate some modern elements! Here are some things to consider when planning a modern-day baby shower. 

1. Who to Invite

While tradition typically dictated that practically all family and friends were to be invited to a baby shower, today’s baby showers have deviated a bit from that. You can still invite as many–or as few!–people as you want. Many expecting Moms even have the Dads sit in on the fun, too. After all, you’re both having the baby. He should be just as excited about all the fun personalized baby gifts, too! 

The most important part of your baby shower is that you have fun. If you think it’s going to be too draining on you to invite all your coworkers and your sorority sisters, then don’t stress about it! Make sure you invite the people who are closest to you or have made the biggest impact on your life.

2. You Don’t Have to Use Baby-Themed Invites

If you think graphics of rattles and baby animals and diapers are too overdone and tacky, that’s okay! You can create your baby shower invites in any way you’d like–even if that means using pictures from your maternity session or geometric patterns and bold colors. 

The same goes for the baby shower theme and colors. You don’t have to stick to traditional blues and pinks, especially if you’re waiting to learn the sex of the baby until after it’s born. Feel free to mix up the theme into anything you’re comfortable with, such as plants, rainbows or even your favorite candy! Incorporate those elements into every facet of the shower. This includes tablecloth colors, plates and cutlery, plus the icing colors on the cake or cupcakes you serve!

3. Presents During or After?

This seems to be a frequently asked question amongst party hosts. When we were kids, we either had the parents who insisted it was rude to open gifts in front of guests or it was rude to not open gifts in front of guests. When it comes to gift opening, do what makes you comfortable. In a lot of situations, opening the gifts at a baby shower can take up the most time. Plus, it can be awkward if two people purchased the same gift for you, or some people can feel as though their gift isn’t as good as what others might have gotten you. If it’s going to be easier for you, mention to your guests that you will open presents after and make sure to send them thank you cards later. If you are having a very small baby shower with a small gift pile to go alongside it, then feel free to open the gifts as part of the activities! 

As a special note: Make sure your registry includes some gifts specifically for you! While, yes, the baby shower is about celebrating bringing new life in the world, it’s also important your guests honor you as a Mom. An overwhelming number of new Moms indicate that they experience some form of postpartum depression, so you should emphasize your own self-care as a Mom by requesting gifts for you at your baby shower. They don’t have to be large items. Put an aromatherapy candle or two on the list, request a gift card to your local nail salon or ask for an engraved personalized drinkware gift

4. Planning the Menu

Each baby shower does food and drinks differently. While some showers are hosted at the home of a friend or family member, others are hosted in restaurants or local businesses. Depending on the time of day for the baby shower, as well as the guest count, you will want to serve different types of food. You don’t have to go so far as hosting an entire plated dinner for your baby shower (unless you want to!), but you should still serve some snacks and finger foods. Make sure to consider the dietary needs of your guests and include vegetarian, gluten-free, and other diet-specific types of food that will make your guests feel included and comfortable eating at your event.

You should also consider the drink menu for your baby shower! Even if you can’t partake in the cocktails, you could serve some mocktails based on your baby shower theme. Besides, sometimes it’s fun to see your Mom get a little tipsy on mimosas and start crooning her favorite classic love songs!

5. Bring in New Games

Sure, it might be fun to play the classic Clothespin game, but why not try something different at your modern baby shower? Whether you put a spin on a “guess the baby” photo game or play a baby shower version of “this or that,” there are so many ways that you can upgrade the games at your baby shower!

Take it a step further and have a game night-themed baby shower! Play all the quintessential children’s board games, like The Game of Life or Chutes and Ladders. You can even create a photo backdrop that looks like your favorite board game for your guests to take pictures in front of!

6. Enlist Help!

Don’t feel like you have to plan it all. Make sure you ask for assistance in planning your baby shower from a close friend or family member you trust to make it an event you’ll love. You’re growing a whole baby inside you. That’s a big enough responsibility in and of itself! Lean on your loved ones for the baby shower. After all, it’s to celebrate you bringing new life into the world! 

If you have a friend or family member who really wants to plan or host your shower, but you think that they might take it a bit too far, compromise by asking another friend or family member that you think can help smooth over any exuberant decisions the potential hostess might make!

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