How to plan the most successful event?

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Planning an event? Have many upcoming events? Confused how to manage marketing for your events? Do not have a defined plan? Wondering how to make it work? And many more such questions revolve around an event planner’s head all the time and we understand that being in the event industry for over 10 years and helping over 285k+ event organisers worldwide with marketing strategies we have devised a perfect plan to make a great marketing strategy. 

Read along how you can create a amazing website, create a email marketing campaign, 

write appealing copy, make beautiful designs for posters, ads and banners, sell ticket on facebook, post event feedbacks and surveys and many more things to make the most out of your event. 

Devising a marketing campaign can make or break an event, every little detail has to be meticulously checked upon before implementing as it will be seen by many many potential customers and it is very crucial for your event’s perception. 

Event Website 

An event website is one of the best ways to showcase your event to the world. It is light, it is quick and it is easy, and the best part is you can make one yourself for free! Also, that is the first impression in the eyes of your audience.

Super powerful website is never needed for events But a simple & aesthetic website with ticketing is enough to sell your event tickets.

Email marketing

Plan a nurture email campaign for your event. It involves sending several emails over a period of time in an effective way to keep your audience engaged. Use attractive email templates, catchy subject lines, appealing copy etc to make an impact on your audience.

Event surveys and feedback- 

Conduct pre-event surveys to know your potential better and what they might be expecting from events such as yours. It will help you get an edge over your competitors and. Post events conduct similar surveys, take feedback and testimonials in form of texts or videos and use it to market your upcoming events. 

Event Distribution among popular channels

The most important task is to distribute events where it can reach your target audience such as Facebook and event discovery platforms.

You can use Facebook’s powerful algorithm to broaden your audience, market your events. You can directly sell tickets on Facebook too. Use tools from dedicated event discovery platforms and ticketing platforms to carry out this process with ease. 

There you have it. A four step plan to get started on your marketing planning and strategies. Follow the steps mentioned above, gain a headstart on your marketing plans. These basic steps if implemented properly can ensure your events to be a success and build a solid foundation for you upcoming events with returning customers and an effective marketing plan. 

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