Are You About To Go? Read How to Prepare for Road Trip to Disney World!

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Of course, it depends on where you live, but you should take your family to Disney World. How to get there? Thousands of people used to get there by car. First, you can take a flight to Florida and then you can take a vehicle from Value car rental in Orlando and enjoy your trip. How long are you planning to stay? Is it for a few days or more? No matter how long you are going to stay in Orlando, it will be more comfortable to get everywhere by car. You will see that it can be impossible to get to a restaurant or shop without a car. But before you begin your Florida adventures, there are things you should keep in mind.


Driving a car is the most convenient way to travel through Florida cities. Besides, driving a car here is stress-free. The roads are wide and well-organized. Considering the number of cars, traffic jams are nor really jams! But visiting Orlando for the first time, you’d better to have a GPS navigator in the car to find your way to the resort or hotel you are going to stay at. Luckily, if the traffic is clear, it doesn’t take you much time to get to your hotel or villa by car.



  1. Preparations

It is important to plan your trip. When you rent a car, make sure it is ready for traveling. Pick it carefully to have enough space for your luggage and passengers. Before you leave the garage, check the tires and flue. If you don’t have a car and you are travelling in the US you can get Cheap car hire USA to assist you in your travels. Travel light. Try to remove all unnecessary things from the valise and leave some space for souvenirs. Don’t forget to take drinks and snacks. Check if you have:

  • GPS or paper map of the region
  • Chargers
  • First-aid kit
  • Documents
  1. Traveling with kids

It would be great if your kids are excited about the trip. What do they know about Disney World? To help them to learn more about Disney, you can watch cartoons, films, and characters history. Don’t forget to take with you such trip essentials as snacks, bottled water, books, games, gadgets. As a rule, kids get bored easily. You need more interesting things in the car to keep them busy for some time when you are driving. Also, you need to make stops every hour to play and stretch. Try to listen to the Disney tales and songs by audio in the car. It helps to get into the Disney spirit. And don’t worry if your kids look too young for traveling. If they will not remember your trip they will have many pictures from the Disney World.

Waiting In The Car
  1. Make Stops

Traveling to Disney World through the state you should think of making stops at every interesting place. This place can be interesting for your kids or for you. Orlando is full of worthy places to visit. But if not, just make a stop at the nearest park or road side cafe. It’s a good chance to stretch your legs and try popular in Florida orange juice. Talk to people, ask locals about Disney World, parking, tickets, everything. This information will never be odd or useless. Also, you will have some free time before reaching Orlando. Don’t miss Cracker Barrel restaurants! This is a good place to get some rest in a clean and tidy restroom, have dinner, and even take a free road map. 

Driving through Florida on the state roads 91 and 821, pay attention to service plazas. You can stop there and get some rest.

Ace Cafe
  1. What to do on arrival?

Of course, you should think of a good place to stay for a night or two. Most of the people prefer staying on Disney property. To find your hotel, read the road signs and follow them. The procedure is fast and simple. Just name yourself when you reach the gate and go to park your car. It depends on available parking service. You can use valet parking or pick a free parking spot in the hotel garage. Sometimes, it happens that you don’t need to use your car for a couple of days, but it’s ok. The parking is usually free. And you can leave your car in the hotel garage as long as you need.

That’s so great that you could find some time for traveling! But it often so hard to control everything: packing, planning, making up the budget, picking car and hotel. Everything is not that bad. Don’t worry if something goes wrong on the road. It’s absolutely natural when you can’t find a cafe or miss the turn on a new location. Take it easy and have a nice time with your family on a road adventure.

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