How To Print Custom Stickers at Home

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Is your city going in and out of lockdown during the pandemic, so you have spare time? Or are you looking for a weekend hobby? Or an outlet for your creativity?

Whatever the reason, this short guide will give you everything you need to make your own custom printed stickers at home. 

Stickers are useful for a bunch of things, such as; labeling everything in your pantry, branding the products you sell on Etsy, or keeping baby’s belongings from getting lost at kindergarten. 

We’ll help you start making custom stickers, with few prior skills or money needed, from scratch.

Let’s jump in.

1. Create a design

To start, you need to create a design. Programs like Canva or Crello are perfect for this. They’ve got thousands of template designs so that you can create incredible artwork in minutes.

I created a label in less than 5 minutes on Canva for a made-up soap brand. Pretty cool, eh! 

If you want to get into design even more, why not try Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. They are 2 industry-leading artwork programs. 

2. Print your sticker

The next step is to print your design. If you’ve already got a home printer, awesome! If not, you can get a home printer for a pretty low cost. Here are a few options depending on your budget:

  • Entry-level – Epson XP-7100 – $200
  • Best quality – Canon Pixma Pro 100 – $500

Now you need some sticker material to print on. You have 2 choices; paper or plastic.

Paper is best for short use and is recyclable. Plastic is more robust and lasts longer. 

Amazon is a good source of sticker paper. 

3. Cut your sticker

If you want to stick with simple shapes, you can buy pre-cut labels on an A4 sheet and put these through your printer. To find suitable label sheets, search ‘pre-cut label paper’ in Amazon – loads of various shapes will appear. 

To get fancier shapes, like a custom-shaped, die-cut sticker, you’ll need a Cricut machine – they’re simple to use. To get more information, visit their site. They also supply materials that you can cut with their cutter, which keeps it nice and simple. It can get expensive, though, doing it this way.

4. Get creating

Now all you have to do is get printing, let your imagination go wild, and enjoy. There are very few limits to what you can create for a small amount of money. And if you get stuck, Pinterest is an incredible source of fantastic ideas.

If you don’t want to invest in all this stuff or enjoy the designing bit the most, there is an alternative.

You can have loads of fun creating designs on Canva or Crello but have them professionally printed by a supplier, such as Sticker it. They’ve printed over 10 million stickers for 9000+ people all over the world.

Suppose this has piqued your interest in creating your custom stickers during 2021. In that case, we’d love to see your creativity in the comments below.

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