How To Promote Better Sleep

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Life is hectic at times. Juggling a work schedule and family life can be exhausting at times and unfortunately sleep is low on the list of priorities for many people. However, sleep is vital for maintaining both physical and mental health. Adults need an average of seven to nine hours of sleep each night to feel well-rested and if they don’t get sufficient sleep, they will often feel lethargic and irritable the next morning. If you don’t have chronic sleep problems and just want to feel more rested each morning, you don’t have to rely on sleeping pills. Try these four tips to get a better night’s sleep.

Start Using Essential Oils

There are many benefits to aromatherapy. Many people use essential oils to boost their mood or relieve anxiety, but certain oils can also promote restful sleep. Try applying diluted oils to the bottoms of your feet or on your temples to relax before bed. You can also diffuse oils or blends while you sleep for a more restful slumber. Any of the following oils could help you sleep better.

  • Vetiver
  • Frankincense
  • Bergamot
  • Lavender
  • Cedar
  • Ylang-ylang
  • Chamomile

Limit Screen Time Before Bed

A lot of people choose to watch TV or play games on their phones before bed, but these two activities actually interfere with sleep. All electronic devices emit blue light that stimulates the brain instead of helping it relax so your mind is more active while you are trying to fall asleep. Try to avoid electronic devices for at least an hour before bed, preferably two. Instead, do something relaxing to help you fall asleep quickly. Soak in a warm bubble bath or enjoy a good book. You can also spend time working on a hobby such as coloring, knitting, crocheting or drawing.

Use Comfortable Bedding

There are dozens of possible bedding combinations and finding the right one for you is essential for quality sleep. Choose a mattress size and firmness that makes you feel comfortable. If you share the bed with a partner, it is important to make sure you have plenty of room so a queen or king-sized mattress could be better options than a smaller size. You also need to take into consideration the thickness or your sheets and comforter and the number of pillows you use. Luxurious sheets with a high thread count can make the bed supremely comfortable, while a thick comforter can help you stay warm. Some people love being surrounded with pillows while others prefer minimal bedding so it is important to know what makes you most comfortable and stick with it.

Make the Room a Comfortable Temperature

Some people sleep better in a cold room while others prefer a warm room. Set your thermostat so the bedroom is comfortable for you. If you sleep better in a warm setting so you can sleep without covers, set the temperature higher. You can also set the temperature lower if you want a cold room so you can burrow under the comforter. If noise is an issue, try using a ceiling or box fan to cool the room off and add a soothing sound effect. Making the room comfortable is vital for better sleep.

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