How to Properly Maintain Your Gas Fireplace

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For the longest time, I thought that only wood fireplaces needed maintenance, until my husband and I bought a beautiful house in the suburbs. The house has a breathtaking gas fireplace and it was only a few days after moving in that I noticed that gas fireplaces also need maintenance.

During extremely cold temperatures like in winter, people truly understand the importance of a fireplace; preferably gas fireplaces. They are a beauty in the living room and are very convenient for everyday use. They make use of fireproof ceramics as compared to the traditional firewood that is messy.

Gas fireplaces are good but without proper maintenance, you run a risk of them breaking down. You may opt for a fireplace repair to fix it but some damages can be unfixable.

Below are a few self-maintenance tips for your gas fireplace, in preparation for winter.

  • Clean the glass – It does not matter whether you regularly use the fireplace or not, cleaning the glass on a regular basis will prevent cloudy films from forming on it.
  • Check for dirt buildup – This is also done regularly. Check for a buildup of cobwebs, dust and other particles that would make the fireplace unappealing.
  • Check that the hardware is intact – Always keep on checking if all hardware is intact and if the glass is also intact. Broken or loosely fitting glass may be hazardous as carbon monoxide emitted from the fireplace can leak into the room.
  • Check the vent – If your fireplace has a vent, make sure it works properly and in case of damages, repair immediately.

There are also times when professional maintenance is needed. Below are some signs that indicate your gas fireplace needs professional servicing.

  • There’s a strange odor coming from the fireplace.
  • There’s soot that has built up on the fireplace ceramics.
  • The pilot light keeps going off after some time.
  • You have a hard time turning on the fireplace. There is slow or no flame ignition.
  • There is discolored or etched glass.
  • There are abnormal flames.
  • It has been more than a year since the last time it was serviced.
  • There is no record of the fireplace ever being serviced

Before scheduling for any professional maintenance, it is crucial for one not to use the fireplace for at least 2 hours. This allows the fireplace to cool down for easier handling. It is also advisable to turn off the pilot light and gas supply before any proceedings. Also, avoid applying any cleanser to a hot screen as you run the risk of shattering it.

A gas fireplace should be treated with the same caution we accord other gas burning appliances in our homes. If you have children in your home, consider investing in a carbon monoxide alarm that will allow you to have protection against exposure to carbon monoxide. Also, when purchasing a gas fireplace, choose one with a battery backup. This will ensure the fireplace is still in use even during a power backup.

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