How to Protect Yourself and Your Kids Against Car Accidents

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The world we live in today is fraught with danger; there is uncertainty at every turn. Protecting their children is often the most important part of a parent’s life, and with such dangerous possibilities, such uncertainty, and such unpredictability, a parent can find themselves in a perpetual state of anxiety, unwaning, and suffusing. With such insufferable angst, it is no wonder many parents are eager to find out how they can subvert any potential tragedy befalling them. 

Thankfully, this guide and others like it offer parents a way to prevent any accidents from happening to them and their beloved children. Every second, a person dies from a fatal car accident, by the time you have likely read this, hundreds of people will have died. Motoring accidents are no joke, and the likelihood of being in one far surpasses any possibility of you falling victim to a murderer or being struck by lightning. Then, with that in mind, it is absolutely imperative that you insulate your children against any potential accident or disaster, and the only way to do that is to adhere strictly to the points made in this guide. So, without further ado, here is how to protect yourself and your kids against car accidents. 

Have an Attorney on Retainer

Having an attorney on retainer is perhaps the most important thing you can do to set up a potential barrier between you and any disaster that could come your way. By having an attorney on retainer you will be able to appropriately deal with any unforeseen situations that you may face, and they in turn will be able to resolve and pursue any claims you wish to make. An attorney on retainer is essentially a sort of subscription fee wherein you make monthly payments to your attorney and in return, they come to your aid when you have any legal issues or claims to make. Expert personal injury attorneys from The702Firm suggest to always have an attorney in your contact book as s parent, as you never know when any potential accidents may occur, off the road or on, and if you are involved in an accident you will certainly need one. 

Always Follow the Rules of the Road

When you are driving with children in your car it is absolutely imperative that you adhere strictly to the rules of the road. Driving without a care in the world is not only dangerous for you but also dangerous for your children and the other people that share the roadways with you. By adhering to the rules of the road you will guarantee your own safety and the safety of your family and children; this includes, wearing seatbelts, following the speed limit precisely, and not turning interior lights on when it is dark outside. There are many more rules you must follow when driving, but it is important you do not skip over the main ones, as they are often the ones that can cause you the most problems.

Take Recorded Evidence of Any Accident

Road accidents are very common, and courthouses are full of defendants, while police cells are full of drunk drivers, so it is easy for components of your case to be mislaid. Always take video evidence of any claim against you, or any claim you make against somebody else. If you are accused of having committed any vehicular infractions, you will definitely need evidence to verify your counter-claims. A lot of drivers can be very negligent, and it is often these drivers who will shift blame onto other people, so if you have been accused of committing an offense while driving, there perhaps may not be any truth to it, it could potentially be an attempt to slander your name and target you for money.

Many unscrupulous claims made will skip any legal charge, or be found to not have sufficient evidence, and go directly for financial compensation in civil court. Most wrongful injury suits will pursue monetary compensation, so be sure to take evidence on the scene that can quell any attempt at this. Any loss of finance will likely affect the quality of your children’s lives so make certain your attorney can defend you whenever you need them, also. 

You may not be at fault, but if you are, always be forthcoming and make sure that you are completely honest and own up to any wrongdoing. There are too many drivers who do not own up and cause misery. This is why you should always take video evidence of any car accidents so that if anyone does make a false claim against you, you will be able to verify it was either not your fault, or that the other party is telling lies.

When operating a vehicle, never use a mobile phone or be under the influence, especially with children in the car, as you risk their lives and your own, and risk causing a fatal accident for you or the other parties involved. Only take videos when your car has safely stopped with its engine off.

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