How to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones From Radiation

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When it comes to protecting your family nothing else will be more important to you. Whether that means you have to travel halfway around the world or empty your bank account, it’s something you would do. What about everything that you can’t see? There are so many things on the planet that are harmful to us and our families, but we don’t give it a second thought. I’m talking, of course, about things like radiation. Something that surrounds us on a daily basis, but we take little to no notice of because it’s not something we are necessarily taught about. Radiation is becoming something we should be more aware of especially if it’s going to affect us and our daily lives, here we take a look at some things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from it. 

Did you know that the devices in your home could be making you sick? Here we talk about how emf protection for your home from harmful radiation.

What Is It? 

First of all, to be able to protect ourselves, we need to understand and teach our family about the dangers of radiation. It’s invisible and has no smell, so how do we know it’s there? Unless we have specific equipment like a Geiger counter we won’t know it’s there so it’s best to just be protected. 

Nearly every human on the planet will have heard of the Chernobyl and this is one type of radiation we don’t want to mess with. This is where an atom of plutonium or uranium splits and releases electron, proton, and neutron beams. This radiation is known as particle radiation and has some drastically severe consequences to humans and animals if exposed to it. Cancer is a very common disease from exposure, and even if you beat that there is a chance of genetic problems if you ever have children. The worst thing that can happen is you can die from extended exposure, and depending on the strength even 20 seconds may cause irreversible damage. Stay away from anything like this, that’s your best way of keeping safe. 

The other kind is electromagnetic radiation, often abbreviated to EM. This radiation is all around us, nearly all of the time unless you’re lucky enough to live in the country away from civilization and without the internet or phones. EM waves are relatively harmless to humans, but should be monitored at all times, luckily there are ways in which we can monitor EM radiation in our homes, so it’s important to find out more about these meters, as it could be the difference between you getting sick and living a long uncomplicated life. Having the ability to see the EM levels in and around your house puts you in complete control of what’s going on and where you need to improve your protection.  Read on to find out more about creating a radiation barrier.


Something relatively small you can do within your house is to place plants that are known to absorb EM radiation to draw it away from you. There have been plenty of scientific experiments on this and they prove that certain plants will absorb, to put it simply when a plant absorbs EM waves it heats up the water within the plant and makes it more “watery”, but also not being detrimental to the plant’s health. Some of these plants include Aloe Vera, Cactus, Ivy Plant, and Snake Plants. Not only is it a benefit to your health, but they look great too! 

Diet & Nutrition 

We spend our entire lives as parents trying to make our children eat healthy food, but if there was a better reason than this, I would like to know. Having a healthy balanced diet containing all the nutrients and miners we need to develop as a human will also help protect us from EM waves. Eat super colourful foods as they are full of antioxidants, green leaf plants as they contain chlorophyll and other vitamins, and drink filtered water! It doesn’t seem like much of a sacrifice to make, right? Try and hide them in your children’s meal and if it’s your partner that’s kicking up a fuss, well treat them like another child I suppose! 

Protective Fabric 

Now on the market is a plethora of products that protect us from radiation at the source, that’s not to say we could wrap it around a nuclear reactor and expect incredible results, but what we can do is put a phone cover on, or have a mat for our laptop if we are forced to work with it on our laps. You can even buy clothing that has this protective material in, no longer do you have to worry about walking around with your phone in your pocket. 

Learn more about how your devices radiate harmful frequencies and how you can protect yourself through EMF protection clothing.   

Radiation is scary, it’s a horrible thought and if you’re ever exposed then you’ll be in some pain. Why don’t we all take a moment now to think about it and protect ourselves in any way we can. Buy a meter for the house, grab a new phone case, start eating well. There are plenty of things that will keep you much safer than if you don’t partake in them. Stay safe. 

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