How to Rekindle Your Passion for Crochet

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Crochet is the art of creating different designs using a yarn thread and a hook. The process entails much of creating an almost endless number of knots until they form into a new knitted fabric. A lot of people, mostly women, love to crochet as a hobby. Others do it as their source of income. Some people choose to crochet as a means of coping with their illness. Whatever your reason and motivation for crocheting, there is no doubt that crocheting is such a productive past-time activity. However, if you are among those whose passion for crocheting needs some rekindling, here are some tips that you will surely find beneficial.

Buy a New Set of Tools

Using the same crochet tools for years could make you feel as if your skills have been worn out as much as your tools. Why not try shopping online for a new set of tools. Don’t just buy the same kind of tools. Consider upgrading them with something that is more advanced but is more useful. When you upgrade your tools it will become easier for you to try on new projects that you haven’t tried before due to lack of tools. This will make your interest in crocheting spark all over again.

Think of Crocheting as a Stress-reducing Activity

Several studies have shown that crocheting can do wonders in reducing one’s stress levels. This activity was found helpful in increasing the production of serotonin and dopamine in the body. This effect leads an individual to feel happier. A survey which had more than 3,000 respondents revealed that crocheting helped them to live happier lives. This is why crochet lovers from justcraftingaround suggest that people who are exposed to chronic stress should try hobbies such as crocheting. The respondents from the said survey reported that it helps make them feel relaxed. It also reduces their stress levels while enhancing use it as a reason to get social.

Check Out the Internet for Crochet Groups or Clubs Near Your Locality

You might even be able to find one in your community. Ask for schedules regarding meetups, welcoming new members, and social events where crochet lovers like you get together, much like having a party. When crocheting starts to become boring, being in a group who shares the same passion will greatly rekindle your passion for it. It’s also a good way to hear advice and tips from others who have been indulging in the same hobby for years. 

Invite Fellow Crochet Lovers to a Yarn Party

A yarn party that allows every attendee to share her collection of leftover yarns would surely be fun. One benefit that everyone can get out of this party is the chance to swap their unused or leftover yarns with something that they will like or find more useful. You can have so much fun swapping yarns with each other while enjoying a cup of coffee and a slice of cake that everybody also brings to the party. 

Participate in Charitable Projects

One of the best ways to rekindle your passion for crochet is to share it with others. Consider joining charitable arts and crafts projects that aim to help those with specific needs. Making a difference in other people’s lives is so much possible by joining activities that support a good cause. You can surely find one on the internet among the many non-profit organizations. Look for one where you can share your crochet outputs such as crocheted hats and scarves for hospital patients or crocheted pet blankets for abandoned pets.

Be a Crochet Tutor

One reason why some people experience burnout or they suddenly lose interest in their hobby is monotony and boredom. If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, the chances are high that your passion for it dwindles. But, if you do something different with it, you are most likely to find yourself getting more interested in your hobby once again. One way to do this is to be a crochet tutor. This is one huge leap from your usual routine of simply crocheting on your own. But, it could double your opportunities to earn. Create your YouTube account online and post videos of yourself teaching crochet for beginners. Give them tips and crochet hacks you have learned from years of crocheting, and before you know it, you have already gained a thousand subscribers!

Crocheting may be difficult in the beginning. But, once you learned this craft, you better prepare yourself to get hooked! Seeing one finished product after another would truly make crocheting even more interesting. So, prepare your tools and start with easy projects first, and naturally, the more you engage in it, the more rewarding it will be to you. 

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