How to Run a Household as a Single Parent

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Single parenting is not for the faint of heart, yet it’s a challenge that thousands of people take on without hesitation. That doesn’t mean it’s without effort, though. Balancing a day job, responsibilities at home, and the intensive process of raising a child or children takes careful planning, sacrifice, and lots of space for compromise. However, single parents can do it all, and they do so every day—most often by following these tips. 

Make your home work for you.

When you’re single-handedly raising a family, it’s easy to let household duties fall to the wayside. After all, feeding your child is a much higher priority than vacuuming daily. You can make it easier for you to stay on top of chores around the house without sacrificing time spent on your little ones by making your space work for you and your family. For some parents, this might mean consulting a resource like Interiorly to craft a more streamlined, efficient interior design. Others might invest in a robot vacuum to keep their new carpet clean, or a stylish shelving unit to add extra storage without sacrificing design. With some simple adjustments, you can make housekeeping the easiest task on your never-ending to-do list. 

Carve out time for connection and fun. 


Between working all day, cleaning at night, and making sure your kids stay alive, many single parents feel as though they’re missing out on their children’s lives. By purposefully making time in your schedule to bond with your little ones, you’ll both benefit from a stronger connection and lifelong memories. Whether it’s a weekly bike ride in the park with your toddler or roadtripping with style across the U.S. with your high school student, find ways to practice togetherness with your child. You may be just one person, and not able to be there for every moment, but you can ensure you’re there for their favorites, be it a long road trip or a single Saturday spent kayaking. 

Raise a self-sufficient child. 


While you, of course, want to support and connect with your child, raising them to be independent, empowered, and responsible can take some of the load of single parenting off your shoulders. You might teach your middle school student how to use an atlas and thesaurus to move through homework more easily. Or, you might offer your teenager resources on how to create a college list and identify their dream school. Naturally, you can still help them, compiling college consulting prices, research assets, and other tools that may be a good fit for their goals. However, by ensuring your child can make decisions and solve problems on their own, and referring them to helpful college counseling by expert advisors, you’ll be preparing a phenomenal student, college applicant, future adult, and overall person. 

Take some time for yourself.


You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase “it takes a village” in terms of raising a family. As a single parent, your “village” isn’t necessarily conventional. Perhaps your parents lend a hand in watching their grandbabies or another family member offers to watch your little one during the workday. Friends can also be a valuable resource. As tempting as it may be to use these moments when your child is elsewhere to tackle tasks and errands, consider using at least some of this time for self-care instead. Without time to unwind and focus on you as a person, not just a parent, your well-being and even your parenting will suffer—if you can’t bring yourself to relax for your own sake, do it for your kids. 

Single parenting isn’t easy, even with a strong support system. By implementing a few interior adjustments, parenting philosophies, and time for fun both with and without your little ones, you can make it a little less challenging to raise a happy, healthy family on your own. 

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