How to Save Money in College

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When you are in college, you get a good understanding of what it’s like to be broke. From college tuition, to books and supplies, to a lack of time to work, your bank account will be smaller and smaller as the days go by. But just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you need to spend all your money and wonder if you’ll ever get it back. Instead, you can find ways to save money and make your money last so much longer. Check out these fun ways to save money while you’re in college.

Opt for used textbooks.

Instead of buying new textbooks, you should opt for used textbooks. Sometimes your bookstore will sell used textbooks, otherwise you can find some online. Amazon often has textbooks for sale on their website for cheaper, or a quick Google search can help you find others that are cheap or free. If you want to save money on school supplies, then consider not getting the brand new textbook.

Use coupons.

You should always do your own grocery shopping instead of buying food from fast food places or restaurants. When you shop, be sure to use coupons. You can find these online or sign up for a coupon app that will let you store coupons right on your phone. Plus, look and see if your favorite grocery stores have their own coupon tools, such as Mperks for Meijer or Cartwheel for Target.

Find online deals.

You will realize there are things you actually have to buy, and when that occurs, you should look for online deals before you head to the mall or any local stores. For instance, if you could find Big and Little Sorority Sister clothing online for cheaper than you could paying for it outright. And if you’re part of a sorority, you’ll know that the cost of being in these Greek houses could be setting you back. Do this for other things, like your other clothing, your books and supplies, and anything else you need on a regular basis.

Take advantage of discounts.

Some places offer discounts to college students, so find out what these places are and then use your discount to your advantage. For instance, some movie theaters and restaurants offer discounts, so if you’re going out, do so in a cheap way.

Binge your bad habits.

Taking up bad habits like smoking or drinking is the easiest way to waste all your money. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on these things, quit and instead put that money into a savings account or use it for things like groceries or gas. Doing this will help you save money while you’re in school.

Use amenities at school.

As a college student, you have access to a variety of amenities that could save you money. For instance, if your school has a gym, then you should use this facility instead of paying for a gym membership. In addition, if your school offers events like movie nights or sport events, then you should take advantage of these too, as it will allow you to have fun without spending any money.

Be smart about travel.

If you need to travel while in college, consider doing so on a budget. Try to get a ride from someone and just chip in for gas. If not, consider taking a train or a bus instead of flying, as both of these will allow you to make your way to your destination without spending a fortune.

Find side jobs.

If you already have a job, it still may not be enough. However, you should find side jobs to help you supplement your income. For instance, maybe you can tutor other students in a class that you’re doing well in. Maybe you can find an online job that allows you to make money at any time of day or night. Or maybe you can charge for a skill you have, such as by making invitations or helping in other ways. Any type of side job will help you be less of a broke college student and instead bring your financial situation to a new level.

College is supposed to be a fun experience, but being tight on cash can make it more difficult for you. However, if you don’t want to be a broke college student, then you need to find ways to save money. Using all these tips above can help you get the most out of your college experience.

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