How To Select A Sturdy Bed Frame Adelaide

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For a lot of people, choosing a new bed frame, is an afterthought. But it is just as important as getting the right mattress, when you think about the quality of your sleep. On average people spend 26 years of their life sleeping. With that much time spent in bed, you need a quality sleeping system underneath you. The bed frame is the main support system for your bed,  so you need to choose the right one for your situation. Visit for the best bed frames Adelaide.

Tips For Choosing A Bed Frame

1.Consider Current Mattress Size

If you already love your mattress and you are  planning to keep it, but just want to upgrade your bed frame, you can use the mattress as your sizing guide.  The bed frame needs to match your mattress size for a proper fit. Some mattress sizes have a few variations, so be sure you know exactly what you have. For example twin XL beds are 5 inches longer than standard twin size mattresses.

2.Look At Your Bedroom Size

If you are purchasing a completely new bed along with the mattress, you can choose whatever size you want. Take into consideration your bedroom size, which will help you pick the best solution for your bedroom. Ideally you want 2 to 3 feet on your bed, on the sides and end. This gives you enough space to move freely. Measure the available space to compare to standard bed dimensions. Always keep in mind that your bed frame and headboard adds a few inches to the bed, beyond the mattress dimensions. Decide on which size of bed frame you need to narrow down your options.

3.Choose The Support Type

Mattresses need some support beneath them. Without support, the mattress will sag and prematurely wear out. The two  support options are box springs and platform beds. If you choose the platform bed, it gives built-in support for your mattress. You don’t need to use a box spring with it. Platform beds sit lower to the ground than a traditional bed frame with a box spring.

4.Compare Integrated Vs Separate Frame

A free-standing bed frame is a simple design without any decorative elements. You can pair it with a separate headboard to have the look you want. The other option is a complete bed, with the frame integrated with the headboard, footboard and side rails. This gives a more finished look. The frame is more decorative since it includes the side rails. Some options are made of wood with painted or stained or clear finishes. Others use upholstered design along the side rails. The support slats sit inside the bed, and with the side rails is held in place.

5.Pick The Height

Another consideration is the height of the bed frame. You have to decide what is comfortable for you for bed height. Higher mattress is easier for people with mobility issues. If you like to stay  low to the ground, a platform bed may be a good option. You can also go for a low profile bed frame. If you want more height, go for a taller bed frame. Some beds can be custom ordered in the height of your choice.

Purchasing a new bed frame seems simple until you start shopping and discovering the number of options available. If you know what you need and how to spot a quality bed frame, will help you narrow your options.

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