How to Set Up a Home Office: A Complete Guide

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When it comes to remote vs. office, working from home has proven time and again to be more effective. In a 2016 survey of American workers, 91% of them said they felt more productive working from home than in the office.

And while this is simply a survey, the fact remains: If you work from home, you need to be efficient.

Your home office layout will be the difference between productivity and distraction. Here’s how to set up a home office where you love to work and get things done.

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Choose Your Room/Area Wisely

Where you work exactly in your house is crucial.

Living rooms are built to distract and entertain. Kitchens are for cooking. Don’t work from these and other areas.

Perhaps you have an additional bedroom that can be converted to a comfortable, inviting workspace. A good trick is to provide yourself with limited square footage to keep you on-task. Big closets, small extra rooms, and even low-volume hallways can be utilized for your new home office.

Plan Out Your Home Office Layout

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Map out all of the details of your home office: Lighting, climate, the furniture, phone, desk, etc. Place them in spots in your space that helps you stay productive for many hours at a time.

Even the flooring, wall paint, and ceiling need to “work” for the home office layout. Hardwood for your chair to roll around, vibrant colors, and adequate ceiling lighting go a long way with establishing your perfect working environment.

Make the Most of Your Space

Storage like cabinets and shelving should be optimized for less stress in your daily work. Clutter is a huge deterrent to getting tasks accomplished, so this will make filing a breeze.

Once you have a blueprint of how things are laid out in your home office, install shelves near or behind your desk for simple placing and pulling.

Also, if you have office supplies you need for your job, place them in areas that are out of sight until you actually need them.

These setups reduce giant piles of stuff that further frustrates you, something you want to completely avoid.

Work Comfortably

An ergonomic office chair is everything. It has to be the correct height, have proper ergonomic support, cushioning, and should provide the correct arm and feet support.

Other items should be comfy as well, like your keyboard, desktop, mouse, and wrist cushioning.

The key is to have a work environment where your body isn’t screaming at you from mistreatment.

Be Personal and Minimalistic

When setting up a home office, don’t forget that less is more. Back to the clutter dilemma, you want to remain minimal with your office furniture, supplies, paper, and whatever else.

Plus, keeping your desktop clear of unnecessary add-ons and open tabs will help you have a clear mind.

While this is important, it’s also vital to include a little personal flair to the space. This is your home office, so make it feel like a bit of both. Add fun trinkets to your desk, inspiring quotes and pictures on the wall, and decorate the way you want.

Use These Tips on How to Set Up a Home Office

Your “office” determines your effectiveness. Make sure work gets accomplished quickly and efficiently with a stylized and thought-out workspace at home. Hopefully, you now have the tools on how to set up a home office that feels both professional and comforting.

If you’re looking for a great layout for your personal workspace, consider using hygge for the perfect home office strategy.

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