How to Set Up Properly a Freshwater Aquarium

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Setting up a freshwater aquarium can be very difficult if you come from a position of not understanding how marine life works, nor have an understanding of the more technical matters. Many people derive great enjoyment from keeping marine life as pets, and while freshwater aquariums are often considered to be the most basic aquarium, there are actually many interesting fish you can put inside your freshwater aquarium. These fish can be very engaging and a fantastic way to spend your free time. 

So, look no further and read this comprehensive guide into how you can set up your freshwater aquarium.

Set Your Tank Up

The first thing you will want to do when setting up your freshwater aquarium is to set up your tank. There are many guides for doing this if you do not know-how; the professionals of are one such guide, but there are many more, and it is important that you find the right one to help you with setting up your tank correctly and efficiently. When setting up your tank you will want to follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions as every tank is different and there is not a one-serves-all instruction manual; then, you will want to set the tank up on a sturdy table and out of direct sunlight. It certainly does not need to be explained why you would not want to keep a fish tank in the way of direct sunlight, even more so if you live in a hot climate, as you may end up making fish stew; keep the tank at least five inches away from the wall so that you have room to fit the filter onto the back of the tank.

You will then want to wash the gravel you are putting in with tap water thoroughly to remove any debris or dirt, then add the gravel to the tank gently, as not to break it. Then, put a plate on top of the gravel and run water from your tap into the tank, make sure you use the plate so you do not release any debris from the gravel and so that the water runs clear. If your tap water has chlorine in it then you will want to purchase a chlorine neutralizer or stabilizer, which you can get from most pet stores and shouldn’t be hard to find.

Install the Filter and Decorate

You should keep everything unplugged and the electric off when installing the filter. You should assemble the filter’s powerpack and the filter and fit it onto the back of the aquarium following the manufacturers’ guidelines

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