How to Start a Bakery Business

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chef in bakery warehouse

A few years ago cakes were only eaten on birthdays and weddings. But in the recent past people have come up with very many different occasions to have cake. Such as baby showers, baby reveal parties divorce parties and many other events. This has led to a steady rise in demand for cakes and other baked items, and to be honest we can’t say we are mad about it because nobody doesn’t like some cake.

This rise in demand for cakes has made the bakery business quite lucrative thus more people are trying to venture into it. The coronavirus pandemic and working from home has led to the increase of home baking which has unearthed hidden baking talent. If you are interested in starting and running a successful bakery and pastry shop, here are a few tips that will help you begin your journey.

1. Come up With a Business Plan

This is a key step for any kind of business, not only a bakery. A business plan is a written document that outlines the objective of your business, how to achieve those objectives and the duration of time you will need to achieve your objectives. This business plan should have a clear description of your bakery, should also contain a good analysis of the competitive environment of your business. Also in the business plan they should have a good analysis of your bakery’s strength and weakness and a way to mitigate the weaknesses and finally your business should also have clearly defined plans for growth and the future. Essentially a business plan for any business is most important because it identifies the purpose of the business and helps predict the future of the business.

2. Identify a Good Location for Your Bakery

Choose an ideal place for your bakery. A bakery should be located in a place with high food traffic and easily accessible. A bakery should conveniently locate where people can easily see it. Sometimes a bakery relies on attracting customers when they see your product and want to taste them. Also ensure that the place you choose has enough space for your display and a kitchen that can accommodate baking machinery and equipment. The place must have enough running water and power too.

3. Get Permits and Licenses.

Generally the food industry is quite heavily licensed for obvious ensure you get all licenses and permits necessary to avoid problems with your local government .Also different locations require different licenses and permits. Get a good lawyer to advise you so you can get everything covered.

4. Hire Staff That You Need.

This is very critical for your business because the success of your business depends on the quality, taste and presentation of your when hiring staff ensure you get professional with good experience and can deliver quality products. Conduct a thorough background check for all your potential staff to avoid problems later.

5. Get Equipment and Machines for a Bakery

You will need to purchase equipment. Ensure you get good quality equipment but also stick to your budget. Generally a good bakery requires a proper mixer, a big dough mixer and a countertop mixer are vital for any bakery. A proper oven is very essential for any bakery .A fridge to store the perishable items and also soft icing cakes. you may need to import some of the equipment for better prices and high quality.

6. Come up With the Design of Your Bakery.

The design of the bakery will depend on what kind of bakery you want to run. There are different types of bakery. For example if you decide to have a bakery café you are required to create a dining area for people to sit and enjoy your cakes and pastries or you can choose to have a counter where customers can order from the counter but there is no sitting space. Whichever type of bakery you choose the display should be well done and customers see clearly the pastries you are offering.

7. Do a lot of Marketing.

Marketing is a very important tool of any even more important for a new business to do aggressive marketing to help people know about the business. There are many ways to market a bakery, for example you hold a tasting event, this way you are able to introduce your products to customers, you can print flyers and pass them around the neighbourhood to create awareness. You can also partner with social media influencers to help you market your bakery. This is a very trendy marketing style that has proven to be effective .use attractive and trendy packaging, it can really help your reach more people and make your productive for example you can use premade pouches that are very flexible and versatile and  you can get Levapack premade pouch packaging machine and just make your own packaging.


A bakery business is one of the most lucrative businesses especially in the rise of needs for cakes and other sorts of pastries. But to run a successful bakery CONSISTENCY is key customers want to have the same taste and feel of your pastries every time they come. This requires a lot from order to achieve this you need to find good staff and keep them.

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