How to Start a Mexican Restaurant Business in Carrollton

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Are you thinking about opening a Mexican food business or the best and authentic Mexican restaurant in Carrollton? We will tell you how to start a Mexican Restaurant business in Carrollton. If a Mexican restaurant if your dream business opportunity, here are numerous factors that determine the success of a locally owned Mexican restaurant that you should consider.

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What Equipment is Needed for a Mexican Restaurant?

Mexican cooking involves preparing traditional Mexican dishes like tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, and other popular dishes.  Hence, if you are planning to open a Mexican restaurant, it is vital that you have the necessary equipment to prepare and serve authentic Mexican recipes.  Here’s a list of the equipment that you will need to invest in so that you can make plate after plate of your customer’s favorite Mexican meals:

1. Commercial Gas Fryers

These are an integral part of many foodservice kitchens.  In a Mexican restaurant, it can be used to cook foods for every part of the menu from fried fried entrees and crispy tortillas to a range of Mexican foods that can be prepared in a gas deep fryer.

2. Commercial Griddles

Mexican restaurant griddles are powerhouses that you can use to cook menu items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  They are also known as flat-top griddles.  You can see them as versatile countertop pieces that have a flat metal cooking surface called a plate.  You can use griddles to cook anything from hamburgers and bacon and eggs and pancakes.

3. Commercial Steamer

There are countertop and floor models of this piece of equipment that you should have in your Mexican restaurant.  You can use them to heat sandwiches and tortillas, rethermalize precooked meals, or create an entire Mexican menu from scratch.  They can also be used to cook vegetables, eggs, or seafood, and quickly reheat wraps, buns, and pastries.

4. Charbroilers

Add a huge array of tasty Mexican dishes to your menu with this powerful kitchen cooking equipment.  You have an option to use either gas or electricity to heat up the metal radiants above the burner that heat up the food you place on top of them. 

In Mexican cooking, you can serve healthier meals with grilled seafood, chicken, and other meats that you place in tortillas, burritos, and other wraps.  The method of cooking in charbroilers leaves distinct, attractive grill marks on food that infuses the flavors of the drippings and the smoke back into the food.

5. Tortilla Steamers

Warm tortillas are a favorite in Mexican restaurants.  Using tortilla steamers will ensure that you are serving your customers with tortillas that keep their contents hot before you serve them.  You can also use this kitchen equipment for your burritos.

Tortilla steamers use steam to transfer heat to food quickly and efficiently without drying out the food that you serve.  Hence their main function is to rewarm cooked foods or melt and heat foods that do not need cooking.

6. Rice cooker

Don’t miss this important piece of kitchen equipment that can help you cook large loads of rice all at once.  Remember that no Mexican dish is complete without a side of rice and beans.  With a rice cooker, you can always serve warm rice to your hungry customers.

Make your Mexican restaurant keep up with your customers’ demands especially during the busiest hours.  Serve perfectly topped tacos, warm tortillas, fresh fajitas, and cheesy chimichangas with these must-have Mexican restaurant equipment.  Having the right equipment in your kitchen will assure that you will serve efficiently cooked food that is consistent in flavor and presentation.

Are Mexican Restaurants Profitable?

According to CHD Expert, Mexican food is the third most popular menu type in the USA.  It represents 8% of that total national restaurant landscape.  Mexican food lovers spend more than $39 billion at Mexican restaurants each year. CHD Expert indicates that the average Mexican restaurant can earn around $700,000 each year.

What is the Startup Cost for a Small Mexican Restaurant?

The cost to start a small Mexican restaurant will depend on what you choose to sell and whether you are going to rent a building or put it up in your own backyard.  Sage reports that the average restaurant startup cost is $275,000 or $3,046 per seat for a leased building.  If you want to own the building, the cost will go up to $425,000 or $3,734 per seat.

There are so many things to consider if you want to start your own Mexican restaurant.  It requires a lot of hard work as well as solid knowledge about the industry and Mexican cuisine so that you don’t fall short of the expectations of your customers. 

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