How to Stay Fresh and Optimistic with a Busy Schedule

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One of the biggest issues that come with tackling a busy schedule is the fact that it can slowly but surely run you ragged if you let it. Considering that the better you look, the better you feel, things can turn into a battle of attrition where you are just trying to make it through the day without passing out.

When tackling an already hectic schedule, it can feel too overwhelming to try to add health and optimism into the mix. However, it is absolutely crucial to ease the stresses of a difficult schedule, as it can turn into a rather difficult and nerve-wracking cycle. Here are just some ways to stay fresh and optimistic with a busy schedule!

Write down a schedule not just for work, but also for play

The reason why writing down a schedule for work is obvious; it allows you to plan ahead and ensure that you are mentally prepared to tackle the coming responsibilities. When it comes to off-hours and free days, the best thing to do would be write down a schedule of things you might want to try while you have the free time to do it. It can often be much too tiring to try to have fun out of the blue, and most are content to sit on their hands and run down the clock.

Fortunately, writing down a schedule for fun events also has the added effect of bracing you mentally for the tasks. It not only provides more energy when the time comes

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