How to Stop Your Dog from Destroying Your Home

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Have you recently come home to chewed up shoes, scratched up doors, or dug up cushions? Does this happen often? Maybe a little too often? There may be a reason behind all that destruction.

If your dog seems to have a destruction streak, there may be a reason behind all of the chewing and digging. First, do keep in mind destruction could be a way your furry friend is letting you know something is wrong. Dog separation anxiety could also be an influential factor. While there could be an underlying medical issue, these behaviors could also be stemming from a much less concerning cause. Why is my dog so destructive? 

If you’re coming home to a disaster zone, here are a few reasons that could be behind it: 

•Boredom. Not all dogs are created equal. Some dogs are fine with a little bit of play a day, while others need some serious stimulation to keep up with their energy levels.

•Stress. Have there been any changes in your dog’s life recently? Have you been away longer than usual, moved to a new location, or added something into your home? Your dog could be dealing with some separation anxiety or pent up energy that needs to be let out. 

•Overstimulation. If boredom is absolutely not on the list of reasons for your pup to be destructive, maybe take a loot at the opposite side of that spectrum. Is your dog with you all day every day, doing everything you do? Do you often take your dog to shops, doggie daycare, parks, work, and more with little time at home? Your furry friend may be experiencing too much at once and need to slow down. While being together with you can decrease that sense of overstimulation, too much going on at once can cause your dog to feel overwhelmed and go on a destructive streak. How can you help? 

Your dog may need some extra help if you’re seeing a lot of chaos in your home due to your dog. Here’s a couple of things that can help put a stop to these bad habits: 

1. Exercise. If your pup is really going at it when it comes to your belongings, it may be a sign that your furry friend has just too much energy inside. If your dog is constantly ripping up your couch cushions or dismantling your favorite gym shoes, try to get some of that energy put out on more productive acts, like long walks around your neighborhood or a trip to the park. If you’re stuck inside, try playing an indoor-friendly version of fetch or even a game of hide and seek! 

2. Toys. Slow-release toys, such as cones with treats inside that your dog has to dig out to get to, can help keep your dog occupied. There are also toys that are meant to stimulate your dog mentally with puzzles for them to figure out. 

3. Slow down. Even if you don’t think overstimulation is a problem in your case, your dog may need to have some quiet time with you to balance things out. Make sure to take time to spend quality moments one on one with your dog, especially if you have multiple dogs in your home. 

While these steps can help, sometimes dogs need an extra hand. The truth is dogs can just be naturally destructive. If you’ve tried everything above and still have quite a bit of destruction on your hands, reaching out for professional help can be extremely beneficial. Valida Pets can be your one-stop-shop for tips, tricks, and even dog supplements your pup may need. Visit for more information on how to help your furry friend lead a happy and healthy life. No one knows your dog as best as you do; some behaviors may have already been present, and others can be detected early to help ease issues before they become major problems. Nevertheless, preventing your dog from having stress and anxiety is always a great way to ensure a great connection and overall wellbeing for both owner and fluffer. Try to be on the lookout as harsh changes, such as those experienced during a pandemic, can adversely affect your life-long friend. 

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