How To Store Grass-Fed Meat

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When you are cooking grass-fed beef, then it is essential to preserve it the right way. Well, when the meat gets stored properly, then it is bound to taste great.

 Storing grass-fed meat

Do not extend storage for more than four months

 You can easily keep the frozen meat for about four months. If you cook the meat and freeze it, then it can get kept for maximum three months. There is one essential aspect that you must keep in mind. The flavor of the meat will decline over the period of three months.

Meat needs to be kept in a freezer bag

 Ideally, keep the meat in sealable freezer bag if you do not plan to use it within few weeks. The benefit of this practice is that the quality and the taste of the meat will get preserved.

Keep an eye on the temperature when freezing the meat

Try storing the meat at a temperature below 40-degree Fahrenheit. The benefit of this practice is that the bacteria will not multiply fast.

 When you take out frozen meal having beef in it, then reheat it at a temperature of about 165 degree-Fahrenheit.  At this temperature, it becomes easy to kill the bacteria. 

Do not forget double-wrapping your meat when storing it

When you want to store grass-fed beef in a freezer, then double wrap the beef using butcher paper. If you wrap the meat in thin plastic, then it will develop freezer burns fast. They do not look good and may make you doubtful about the quality of the meat.

Choosing the right freezer to store meat

Now, you might be wondering in which freezer should you store the meat. You can go for a chest or upright freezer. Well, it is much easier to find the meat items in an upright freezer. However, the chest freezer has its set of perks also.

It does not have frequent temperature fluctuation. As a result, the quality of the meat will not get spoilt. It will be a smart idea to have a backup power source. The meat can get spoilt in the absence of electricity.

Avoid defrosting the meat frequently. It leads to a decline in the quality of the meat. Try to only defrost meat as much as you need. Follow these guidelines and the meat will last for a long time to come. Plus, it will retain its taste also and you will enjoy having it.

When you have to cut the meat, always use a plastic board. You will find it easier to clean and disinfect a plastic cutting board. Always invest in your health. Go for the best quality meat. If the quality is not good, then you may get exposed to diseases.

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