How to Style a Silk Long Gown for a Fancy Event

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If you attend a lot of formal events, it is important that you look your very best. A classic and beautiful outfit ensemble is knowing how to style a silk long gown when attending a fancy event. A piece so timeless and effortless can be just what you need to stand out in the crowd.

In this article I am going to let you know the simple ways to style a silk long gown accordingly for the elaborate event you are going to attend. You will feel satisfied and unbelievably stylish when you master the art of styling a silk gown. Your friends will wish they knew your secrets!

When your friends or peers ask you, who styled you for this event, you can proudly say it was yourself! Keep reading on to know practical tips on how style a silk gown for your special occasion event.

Dress According to Your Size and Shape

Long silk dresses come in all different sizes. If you are on the taller side, then a silky long gown is the perfect silhouette for you and will flatter your body shape. Perhaps if you are shorter you’ll want to opt for a midi slip that comes just below the knees or above it as to not cut you off and appear shorter than you are. Remember to highlight your best features and show them off.

If your body type is pear-shaped look for flared bias-cut skirts and stretch lace on the bust area to flatter your curves and valance out your shape on top. A deep neckline and a defined waist will heighten the effect. If your shape is a ruler silhouette, choose an elongated lace bodice but make sure it helps define your hips. A flared silk skirt and open back will add definition to your shape, oh la la.

Know the Type of Event

Don’t just wear any dress for a special event. Before dressing you must know the type of event. What’s the occasion, is it in outdoors or indoors event? This may influence the style, colour and accessories you want to show off. If it’s a wedding, perhaps pastel or brighter colours are ideal for this joyous occasion. If it’s a work-related event, something more professional and sleeker will catch the eyes of your colleagues. Knowing the event ahead of time will inform you the style, colour, and accessories you can pair with your silk dress.

Be Self-Confident

Self-confidence is what you need when you wear a classy silk nightwear for the first time. The fabric screams luxury, so you will feel like a Queen already in it. Its soft and cooling sensation on your skin will make you feel comfortable, giving you the confidence to focus on the purpose of the event. Confidence comes within, so know you are dressed perfectly and are ready to make a good impression. Make sure to dress to impress.

Match the Gown with Comfortable Heels

Sometimes we want to pair the most outrageous heals to a fancy event to show off our fashion style. However, many heels can be uncomfortable, especially when standing and networking for an entire night. Comfort needs to take priority in this case and you’ll be able to find a pair of heels that suit your silk dress while also being able to work the room all night long. Platform heels or a lower heel can allow you to stand for longer and make sure to opt for a soft cushiony bottom for your sensitive feet.

Let Color Scare You

I know many ladies prefer black silk gowns for fancy events. However, it may be time to change it up and go for a unique colour that stands out. Again, it depends on the occasion. For work-related events, try colours such as navy blue, burgundy, grey, or pastel colours. This is a great alternative to black and still sets the tone that you mean business. If it’s a summer or spring event, bright pops of colours and prints can add glitz and glamour to your outfit and will fit right into the season. Whatever the case is, sometimes its best to shy away from tradition and choose something you will stand out in and this will make you feel confident walking into the room.

Choose your Accessories Accordingly

Accessories go a long way to dress up a simple silk dress. Less is more if you’re wearing a bright colour or loud pattern. An elegant necklace and earrings will be just the touch your outfit needs. If your dress is on the more conservative style and colour side, a funky necklace paired with a bracelet will brighten up the whole look. Even the type of over jacket or cardigan you wear can make all the difference. You’ll want to wear one if it’s an outdoor event or during the winter seasons. Have fun with your accessories and everyone will notice!

Match with your Plus One

Depending on the event, you might have a plus-one. Ensure part of both your ensemble coordinates with each other, whether it be a matching tie to your accessories or similar colour of shirt to dress for instance. This will make the guests see you as someone who is professional and cares about her impression on the crowd.


Are you tired of hiring professional stylists? Why not be your own instead? By following these helpful tips, you’ll be able head to any fancy event looking gorgeous and feeling confident.

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