How To Teach A Kitten To Use The Litter Box

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The majority of cats looking for homes are already familiar with a litter box and how to use it. Cats learn this from watching their mother and following her lead. However, you’ll end up taking over this task if the cat you’re adopting wasn’t raised by its mother. Don’t worry though if this is the case. It’s easier than it sounds to teach a kitten to use the litter box.

Mimic How To Use The Cat Litter Box

When the time comes for your cat to use the litter box, bring your cat over to it and make a digging motion with your fingers. Once they use the litter box, resist the urge to clean it right after so your kitten will make the connection between it and what to do in it. Once the cat uses it properly, offer them affection or a treat to reinforce this behavior.

Give Your Kitten A Chance To Learn Where The Cat Litter Box Is

Even though you mean well, it’s best to not help your kitten get out of the cat litter box. Let your cat learn their way to and from the cat litter box. This way, when nature calls and you are not there to help them, they will be able to find the box themselves.

Put Your Cats Litter Box Somewhere Convenient

Placing the cat litter box in a convenient location is especially important for your new kitten. Even if it is not the most convenient for you, young cats can’t hold it in for long when they need to go. If you’re playing with your kitten on one side of the house and the litter box is on the other side, they might not make it all the way over there. When selecting a spot for the cat box, select a spot that your cat likes. Cats prefer to do their business pretty far away from where they eat and sleep. They also want some privacy. Therefore, it’s ideal to put their cat litter box somewhere private and without much foot traffic yet still convenient.

Clean The Litter Box Often & Consider Cat Litter Box Furniture

The litter box should get scooped a few times a week if not every day. Making sure the cat litter box is clean will help encourage your cat to go in it. Cats can be very resourceful so they’ll find another place to go when it’s not clean enough for them. Completely empty it, clean it, and replace the litter monthly as well. If you have trouble containing the smell and stray litter, try using litter box furniture. Cats have specific needs so cats need cat furniture. If you’re looking for cat furniture that is modern and will blend in with the rest of your furniture then check out

Push Your Kitten To Use The Cat Litter Box

Cats tend to use their cat litter box predictably. They will use it after taking a nap, when they’re done eating, and after playing. This is when you should remind your cat where their litter box is located, even if they don’t have to go after all.

Teach A Kitten To Use The Litter Box With These Tips

Hopefully, with these tips, you can teach your kitten to use the litter box on their own fairly quickly. This is a pretty simple process once they get it down and is natural for most cats. Most cats will figure out this process quickly and won’t forget it. If your cat’s litter box habits ever change down the road, that warrants a vet visit. Paying close attention to your cat’s litter box habits is essential for your cat to live a long healthy life.

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