How to Train at Home During the Quarantine: Tips & Tricks

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In these days of mandatory stay-at-home orders and force quarantines, there is a definite feeling of helplessness, especially when it comes to managing your health. The biggest problem people are having is staying in shape when they want to use their sports equipment in the way they usually do, but the new laws have made some group sporting activities illegal until the quarantine is lifted. 

Quarantine lockdown

But that does not have to be the case. There are tons of creative ways to take an ordinary ball, like a basketball or soccer ball, and use it for calisthenics, isometrics, and even indoor cardio training. And we are not talking about bouncing a ball of a wall or kicking it around. It is just a matter of using your imagination, taking a regular workout task, and adding your sports item as a new and fun adjustment.

Home Training 101

Whether you are all about weight training at home or waist training exercises at home, here are some neat ideas to keep those muscles pumped. We know that the most common thing to do these days is binge shows while also binging delivered food, but if you maintain a reasonable diet, along with a manageable training regiment, you can stay fed, and stay ripped.

1. Your equipment

It does not matter what you use if it is close to what you normally would use at the gym for the same exercise. For instance:

  • Gallon jugs fully filled can weight just over eight pounds. Curl some.
  • Wine bottles are light enough to define those shoulder muscles.
  • Paint cans are heavy enough to do effective deep rows.
  • A satchel or backpack full of something bulky can give you all the weight you need for some deep squats and calf lifts, defining the leg muscles.
  • If you are really fitness conscious, you probably have free weights at home. Dust them off. They are your new best friend. 
  • Remember that sports ball we talked about. Use it as resistance while doing sit-ups, or as a new tool for deep push-up exercises.
Practicing yoga at home

2. Do some yoga

Yoga can be tricky if you are a beginner, but the flexibility and the health benefits are worth the trouble. During the quarantine, going to a studio with friends is obviously a non-starter, but there are online yoga classes, and you can do them with friends via internet meeting sites like Zoom and Skype. 

3. Order equipment online

The one service that has only increased in popularity, as well as use, is the internet order. This is great if you are struggling with how to do strength training at home. There are innumerable services that will send you anything you want, often in a noticeably short time. Sports superstores, specific companies, and even health food stores are ready and willing to cater to your every need.


While it may seem hard to stay on point with your workout routine, it is all a matter of perception. A stair machine can easily be replaced by a tall curb outside your home. As we showed, everyday items can be used to maintain tone and muscle mass. And the surge of new companies offering delivery services can help with your dietary desires, keeping that junk food away, and keep you exactly how you want to be: fit and healthy. Do you have any other fun and effective ideas for home strength training?

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Author bio:

Daniel Graves believes in the value of a balanced, healthy diet, daily personal training, and the mind’s powerful way to come up with creative solutions in difficult situations. Throughout this quarantine, his muscle mass has increased, and weight has remained the same.

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