How To Train Your Dogs With Bully Sticks

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Whether you’re dealing with an excitable puppy or an old dog with bad habits, training your dog can make pet ownership more rewarding in the long run. Similarly, it can provide mental stimulation for your furry friend, whether with an English or spanish dog names, and help him get along with other animals. 

Treats and tasty morsels are often part of the reward system of training. Typically, pet owners use small treats to reenforce positive behavior when training their dogs. The animal immediately recognizes the reward and focuses on the task at hand. You can even use bigger treats, such as bully sticks, for certain aspects of training. 

Read on to learn what bully sticks are and how you can effectively use them to train your dog!

Adorable little mixed large breed dog laying on a white studio background chewing on a bully stick treat

What Are Bully Sticks?

Bull sticks, pizzle sticks, steer sticks—they go by many names. Whatever you want to call them, there’s no getting around what they really are: dried bull penises. 

While this might sound rather unappealing to you, this 100% natural treat is a delicious chew toy few dogs can resist. Bully sticks are low in fat and high in protein, and can provide your dog with hours of entertainment, depending upon how aggressive a chewer your dog is. 

They are an excellent option for teething puppies, and can help maintain dental hygiene. Bully sticks are safer than rawhide chew toy options as they are digestible. If your dog breaks off and swallows a piece, it won’t get stuck and cause an expensive vet trip due to digestive issues. However, as with any chew toy, there’s a small risk of choking, so make sure to supervise your dog the first time you give him a bully stick to enjoy. 

But how can bully sticks help the training process?

Train Your Dog to Shun Negative Behavior

As any pet owner with a hyperactive pooch knows, every minute your dog spends eating means a minute of peace and quiet. Giving your dog a bully stick allows him to spend his energy chewing and not tearing up your precious furniture. 

This technique can also help dogs with separation anxiety. Giving your dog something to focus on while you’re out to run important errands will help him feel less anxious in the long run. As with any treat, however, make sure that you’re reenforcing good (and not bad) behavior. For example, if your dog suffering from separation anxiety is excitable too, only give him his bully stick when he’s calm. Likewise, experts generally recommend ignoring dogs with separation anxiety before leaving and after returning home to help acclimate them to your absence. In short, don’t fuss over your dog when you leave or return home—you’ll only make his condition worse.

 Teach Your Dog Impulse Control

Bully sticks are fragrant and tasty treats, making them near irresistible for many dogs. This handy feature makes them invaluable in teaching your dog important self-control skills. 

It’s likely that, along with ‘sit’ and ‘shake’ commands, you’ll be teaching your dog the ‘wait’ command. This can stop excitable dogs from running into traffic or going after wildlife. One of the best ways to reenforce this command is by placing a tasty-looking bully stick in front of your dog and ordering him or her to wait. You’re essentially telling them they can’t have what they want, and that they have to wait for you to say it’s okay. If they can resist the delicious morsel you place in front of them, you’ll know they’ve learned their commands well.

Bully Sticks Are A Big Reward

As you go through the process of training your dog, you’ll probably have some sessions that are long and difficult for both you and your furry friend. But as you continue, you’ll notice important progress being made. 

While a treat as big as a bully stick is not appropriate for rewarding small behaviors, once you notice your dog putting in effort during a training session, a big reward may definitely be in order! As soon as the training session ends, reward your pet with a bully stick as an extra reward for staying focused. This will help keep him motivated for future training sessions and give him something to enjoy even after difficult or exhausting sessions.


If used correctly, bully sticks can help you train your dog more effectively. These long lasting, healthy, and all-natural chew treats could be your new secret weapon to reenforce good behavior. They’ll help you keep your pooch happy, healthy and well-behaved, which will make you a happy dog owner.

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