How to Update Your Home for the Holidays

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With the holiday season upon us, many families are participating in the annual ritual of dragging out the same old decorations and putting them in all their usual places. While traditions are undoubtedly important this time of the year, home decor is one area that always benefits from a change every now and then. Are you looking for new and unique ways to spice up your home for the holidays? If so, read on—we’ve compiled a list of pointers on how to get your home ready for the holidays this year.

Start with the basics.

When it comes to holiday decorations, color coordination is key. It helps a great deal if the color of the furniture ties in with the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

While it’s not necessary to redecorate the entire room, a pair of red or green accent chairs might just be the element to pull it all together. If you’ve been meaning to replace a threadbare sofa or living room set, why not use the holidays as an excuse to take the plunge? Buy furniture pieces in festive colors and enjoy the spirit of the season all year round. If you enjoy this color palette, use the change as initiative to update the entire room.

Don’t overlook the kitchen.  

While everyone tends to spend enormous amounts of time decorating their living rooms, you shouldn’t neglect your kitchen. Ignoring this most important room is a key error, however, especially if you spend a great deal of time baking during the holidays (and who doesn’t?). There are plenty of ways to introduce a festive vibe into your kitchen, besides just putting a wreath in your window or placing a holiday themed design on your table.

When designing your kitchen, it’s always best to begin with the basics. A beautiful new countertop will create the ideal backdrop for greenery, twinkling lights, or whatever type of home decor you prefer. There are a multitude of gorgeous natural stones to choose from, such as granite, marble, slate and even onyx. Which one you choose is a matter of personal taste, but any of them will look splendid in your kitchen even when not adorned with Christmas decorations. Complete the effect by stringing lights and garlands above the cupboards, and place vases of greenery and winter berries wherever there’s available counter space.

Bonus Tip: If it fits your budget, consider replacing your bathroom countertops or vanities with the same natural stone you’ve used in the kitchen. A good rule of thumb to follow when updating home decor? Stick with the same basic theme throughout. It will make the house seem more harmonious, even friendly, if the rooms flow into one another.

Light up the night.

Nothing shows that you’re ready for the holidays like a string of lights along the outside of your home. When you’re planning your display, think carefully about the type of look you’d like to create. Would you prefer to keep the same theme running through your indoor and outdoor home decor, or take the outdoors in a completely new direction? If it’s the former, it should be easy enough to find lights in colors and styles that match the ones you’re using inside. It’s important however to check the labels before purchase, to be sure that the lights can be safely used outdoors. If you’re mixing it up with a different alfresco style, think about whether your inside decorations can be seen from the street, and plan accordingly so that your outdoor display won’t clash and ruin the effect. While decorating the outside of your home don’t forget to check your extension cords and make sure they’re in good condition.

Hang a wreath on the door.

On second thought, hang a wreath on every door, even the ones to the garden shed—especially if the doors are visible from the street. These festive touches will make it seem as if the holidays are being celebrated all over the property, and add to the beauty of the holidays.

When choosing a wreath don’t forget to have fun and pick a style that you feel matches well your home design. You can also choose one large wreath for the front door and smaller ones in the same style for the side entrance, garage and outbuildings.

Choose the perfect tree.

It can happen to anyone: You pick out the tree that stands out from all the rest, manage to get it home and through the front door without any difficulty and then realize it doesn’t go as well with the rest of your home as you’d anticipated. This can be due to your ceilings not being large enough or it could be that the room is too small and the tree ends up looking very awkward.

Avoid any disappointment by taking measurements of the space beforehand, so you’ll have a rough idea of what size tree to buy. Take the tape measure along with you when shopping for trees, so you can compare them by width as well as height. Don’t forget to store the measurements somewhere safe, so you’ll have them to refer to next year.

Once your tree is up, it’s time to make sure the trimmings are in line with the rest of your home decor. Even if you have a good supply of ornaments that you hang every year, there is always room for a few more festive touches. Invest in a set or two of brightly colored baubles (they can be either matching or complementary) in shades that work with your overall palette. If you’re tired of the same white lights you’ve always used, take this opportunity to invest in a couple of string lights in a different hue. Red is more traditional, but blue ones can help brighten the space even more. As always, make choices that will reflect your own personal tastes.

By following these basic outlines, you can make your home more festive than your friends and family have ever seen. The only drawback is how disappointed you’ll be when the holidays are over and you have to take everything down again. Fear not—you can always do it all again next year.

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