How to Use Sound Machines for Babies

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White noise has been found to condition babies to sleep, which may be the reason why sound machines for babies have become so popular. They can provide your baby with peaceful, restful sleep, and give you some time to rest and grab a nap. White noise is known to induce a Pavlovian reaction, where the baby will feel drowsy and sleep once they hear the noise. However, before bringing in a sound machine, you want to ensure that it is safe for your little one, as your baby is still quite fragile and sensitive.  

Ensure it is not too loud

The white noise emitted by baby sound machines is not quite as loud, but some machines can be excessively loud. The loudest setting on some devices can be above the 50dB limit that you will find in all baby nurseries. Ensure you seek advice from a pediatrician to get insight on the best brands. You can also see some of the best options for baby in trusted stores. You are advised to place the sound machine away from the baby’s crib.

How to use a sound machine to soothe your baby to sleep:

  • Turn the machine to the lowest volume setting. This way, your baby will be safe in case the device exceeds the maximum safety limit.
  • Place the device close to the crib, but never in it. Having electronic devices in a crib can be exceedingly dangerous
  • Alter the sounds the machine offers. Each baby is different and may have a different response to different tones. Try lower rhythmic sounds if your baby does not seem to fall asleep
  • Music is not white noise, therefore, avoid it to ensure baby feels drowsy


If used safely and carefully, a sound machine may be all you need to help your baby get restful naps.

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