How You Can Choose the Best Color for Your Accent Chair

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Choosing an accent chair for any area isn’t an easy matter unless you are merely looking to fill an empty and barren space. When you are trying to find the right accent chair, you have to think about several factors, such as the size of the available space, where and how you will place the chair (in a corner, by a window, beside a sofa, and so on), who will use the chair, and what its primary purpose will be (purely decorative, or functional as well?). But apart from this, you should also think of the chair’s material – leather will always be an excellent choice unless you are worried about the chair getting stained, whilst microfibre is ideal for those who have busy households or pets or children. But there’s another matter to think carefully about as well: the chair’s color. You can always opt for a neutral shade, of course, and this works quite wonderfully in different settings, but to be sure about your selection, here’s how you can really choose the best color for your accent chair.

Make it easy on yourself with colors that complement each other 

If you want to make it easy on yourself, you can always opt for colors that complement each other. Take a look around the room or area where you want to place the chair and consider its color theme. If you look at the other furniture or color elements in the room or space, which color stands out the most? Once you have determined this, get help from a color wheel so you can see which color complements it. For instance, if the room has plenty of blue elements such as lamps, paintings, rugs, or pillows, you could go with a terra cotta or burnt orange accent chair. If you have a sofa with an earthy and deep green color, you could very well choose a deep purple or violet accent chair. 

You can always go for statement patterns or colours

When it comes to iconic chairs, you don’t always have to be staid and neutral. Since it’s only an accent chair, you can often go a little bolder when it comes to patterns or colors. Remember that the accent chair you choose will serve as an ‘accent’ – and as its name implies, it should bring life and personality to a room or space. With accent chairs, you can also go for a color which you’ve always liked but which you wouldn’t normally pick for a big piece of furniture. If you like jewel hues such as ruby, jade, or sapphire, go for it – as long as you have neutral-colored pieces in the room, such as grey, black, or navy, then you can’t go wrong. Whilst you’re at it, why not consider patterns as well? Patterns can be an excellent choice, and these include patterns such as floral patterns, geometric patterns or prints, stripes, animal prints, and so on. Here’s another tip: if you choose an accent chair with a bold pattern, it will be easier to hide pet fur and dirt. 

Think about the other décor in the room

Of course, you also have to think about the other décor in the room. You can opt for a more complementary look by matching the accent chair with other existing furniture or elements through pattern or color. If the room has black and white accents, then you can get an accent chair that mimics this with black and white stripes or lines. If the room or space features a fantastic art piece, get a few or more colors from the piece so you can find an accent chair with the same shade. Happy choosing! 

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