How You Can Market To Healthcare Consumers Through A Value Addition Based Strategy

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Today’s healthcare consumers are way different from the consumers of yesteryears. They are more informed. They are smarter.

As big healthcare brands started to discover the changing interest of healthcare consumers, they began adopting ways to make their products and services appeal to the tastes of their target audience.

Right from advertising to brand promotion, offering services, surveying, publicity, and brand awareness campaigns, everything a healthcare business does is to show the value they add to the consumers’ lives.

Hence, if you want to utilize your existing resources and market your products or services to the modern healthcare consumers, this can be the ultimate guide you are looking for.

Why Do You Need to Upgrade Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy?

Modern problems require modern solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic has further changed the fast-changing healthcare marketing landscape.

For the past few years, businesses in the healthcare segment have been complaining about the gradual reduction in footfall. While businesses with an active digital marketing strategy have been able to cope with the challenge, the problem has been major for smaller businesses with little or no digital marketing strategy.

Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface as medical concept

As patients become more time-conscious, they scorn at the idea of wasting hours to get the service they desire. With all information available at their fingertips, they weigh all available options before choosing the one that best fits their interests.

As a 21st-century healthcare business, it is your time to ramp up your efforts to upgrade the digital marketing strategy with best in class video marketing tips, so you can expand your business to new markets and cater to even more consumers.

8 Ways You Can Market to Healthcare Consumers Through a Value Addition Based Strategy

Marketing has become more personalized than ever before. Unlike now, in traditional marketing plans, the advertising strategy was product-centric and not consumer-centric. But today’s consumers want the products and services to appeal exclusively to their senses and prejudices.

Hence, the need for a value addition based marketing strategy; a strategy that shows them why they matter, how they matter, and how you plan to go the extra mile.

1. Put Consumers at the Center of Your Branding Activities

As patients become more value-oriented, make them the nucleus of your branding exercises. The reason why big healthcare brands always put a human face in their display ads is that it shows how much they care.

Rather than roping in a model with impeccable credentials, it’s better to pick someone who has been benefited by your services or products and make them your brand’s face. 

Also, create a consistent strategy that sticks to its purpose irrespective of the medium that you choose for marketing.

2. Publicize Your USP

Every healthcare brand worth its mettle has a unique selling proposition (USP), which shows why they are different than the rest. Once your USP resonates with the consumers, you can expect consumer loyalty. 

Your USP can be anything from a home-like environment to friendly medical staff, cost-effective medicines, affordable services, or anything you think would resonate with the audience.

The sooner your customer aligns with your brand’s USP, the easier it will be for you to retain them. Be nimble enough to switch to a different version in case 

3. Make Your Website Consumer-Friendly

Most likely, consumers would visit your website when they need your services to improve the quality of their lives. The last thing you should give them is a complex website that will only make their experience more painful.

Before designing the website, which is supposed to ease the process of receiving knowledge about medical care, understand from the customer’s perspective. Think about the services you would want on the first page when you visit a healthcare service provider’s website. 

Rather than spending most of your budget in designing the most attractive website, focus on optimizing user interface. A simple website often draws more clicks than a website filled with technical jargon.

4. Make Your Website Reactive

A user might open your website on multiple devices, including desktop, laptop, smartphone, feature phone, tablet, or any other electronic device. 

Design your website such that it opens on all devices, without any deviations in formatting. 

Imagine a customer first opens your website on a desktop, and everything seems perfect. They then open it on a mobile, and things seem fuzzy. Today’s customers won’t wait to reopen the desktop; they would simply move to a different website.

5. Offer Something Extra

Motivating consumers to learn more about your business can be easy if you have a robust marketing plan. However, making sure they visit again is an art in itself.

As today’s customers cherish the idea of getting something extra, offer them value-added services for free, whenever they check your business. Be it a free doctor consultation, free education, or a diet-plan, always offering something extra can make your customer understand how you value their presence.

6. Engage the Patients

Gone are the days when a patient visited a healthcare facility, and the service provider did not care to contact them again. 

As a service provider, you must make appropriate use of emailers, blog posts, and personalized messages to keep the patients updated about their health-related information. Any message should supplement with a feedback form that patients may use to provide direct feedback. 

You may even go one step further by creating a patient portal that can act as a one-stop point for everything they need to know about healthcare services. You may also create a forum that patients may use to interact with other like-minded people.

7. Know Your Competitors

Sometimes, picking what works with the best brands in the industry and integrating it into your marketing plan can open up your business to more consumers.          

Observe how they are driving value and creating loyal customers. When you have a time-tested strategy that has been generating steady revenue, you can make better use of the observations that come out of competitor analysis.

8. Look Into The Future

While you have devoted all your strategies and techniques to make sure your marketing plan is awesome, your competitors might be already looking into the future.

To take your healthcare business scale new heights, you should look beyond the normal and offer futuristic services that no other healthcare service provider is offering. 


When it comes to simplifying healthcare marketing, the healthcare marketing media internship is creating the right buzz. As the concept of healthcare marketing changes, only the best providers, who value consumers more than products or services, will survive.

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