Hurricane Season Prep: 4 Unmissable Essentials

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For much of the country, summer is a time of joy. It’s a chance to sit back, enjoy the warm weather, take the chance to eat outside, and generally indulge.

However, for some parts of the country, summer is not a season of such joy. By the time July and August arrive, residents are forced to spend their days not enjoying the warmth of summer sunshine. They instead scan the skies for any sign of arguably the most disastrous weather condition of all: hurricanes.


As detail, hurricanes can cause a truly incredible amount of damage. With the 2018 hurricane season now up and running, it seems a pertinent time to discuss a few tips that homeowners can avail of if they want to get a head start on their hurricane prep. While we’ve talked about managing different weather conditions you for your home in the past, hurricanes are an entirely different beast that deserve their own special focus. So, here’s a few ideas to ensure your hurricane planning is as effective as it can possibly be…

#1 – Think what you’d do if there was a hurricane imminent

The best way to plan for hurricane season is to think how you would prepare if there was a hurricane heading for your hometown. Unlike tornados, hurricanes come with some warning; by the time a general warning is issued it’s usually too late to prepare effectively as everyone is trying to do the same thing. By preparing as if as hurricane is on the way even when there isn’t, you’ll have a headstart when a hurricane is actually announced.

#2 – Install door bolts


Door bolts are a surprisingly crucial element of preparing your home for a hurricane. They can help keep the wind outside, which in turn helps to protect your belongings. Ideally, you should look to install both head and foot door bolts.

#3 – Strap down the roof of your home

The roofs of houses are incredibly vulnerable to hurricanes, so learning to strap yours down prior to the onset of the hurricane season can be incredibly beneficial. If you’re a newcomer to this particular kind of hurricane prep, there’s a great guide to strapping down your roof on

#4 – Prioritize communication

When it comes to recovering your home from the aftermath of a hurricane, communication is vital. However, it’s important not to rely on your cell phone for this purpose. A direct hit from a hurricane can lead to a loss of service. Instead, write down every number pertinent to the management of a hurricane: friends and family, and then disaster repair specialists. These will include flood-management companies such as and construction workers. If the worst does happen, you’ll want to get back to normal as quickly as possible, and having easy access to phone numbers that can help you achieve this is crucial.

In conclusion

By taking a few of the tips above on board, then you should be able to secure your home as well as possible for the forthcoming hurricane season.

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