5 Ideas For DIY Projects To Improve Your Home

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There are certain things we do when we first move into a property to make it ‘ours’. It might be a quick and easy task, such as putting up your own photos and pictures, or you may decide to redecorate your living room or renew your furniture. We all do our own little things to personalize our spaces.

Then, once we’re settled, we may then take on bigger projects: after all, we want our homes to be as nice as we can make them. To add that extra bit of personality, you may be considering DIY projects for your haven – so here are some ideas you might want to add to your to-do list.

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Refinish your front door

Your front door will have a lot to do with your overall curb appeal. Refinishing it will add new life to your door – especially if it’s old, outdated, or just a dull color. Your guests and any passers-by will feel welcome if you decide to go for a paint color or stain for your doorway. It will cost about $50 to do this and will take less than a day to complete it.

Upgrade your hardware

Replacing the hardware around your door will also change how your home will look. This will be an easy task and may take just an hour or two to complete; something simple can go a long way to make your home more beautiful. If you’re happy with items such as the hinges, then you could replace just your address plate or the porch light.

Add porch storage

You can have a clutter-free front yard by building an outdoor storage bench, which can sit on your deck, porch, or out in the open. You can use it to put your children’s toys in, or even your garden tools – and it also provides some extra seating.

If you find you have too much clutter, then you can place some items in storage facilities at places such as StorageArea.com. Just store whatever amount you need to until you decide what to do with your items.

Create an outdoor living area

Make sure that you get the most from your backyard with a lounge area outdoors. Put wooden pallets on top of each other, then make them secure with screws. Then trim your remaining pallets and add them to create backrests. Cover the front, sides, and backs with pine boards for a more finished look, and the same with plywood on seat tops for even support. Add a coat of paint and outdoor cushions, and you can easily enjoy the outside.

Change your lighting

The most noticeable way to brighten up your home is with your lighting. You could, for instance, add new life to a chandelier with spray paint, or create a fabric-covered drum shade to match your rooms. Alternatively, you could think about buying a lighting conversion kit so you can update your fixtures without needing to hire an electrician.

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