Important Stuff to Know Before Doing Your Next Hiking Trip

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Being well-prepared when planning to go for your next hike means more than taking the ten essentials of hiking. You have to work out those little details that can either make or break your plan. Plus, you’ll want to make this next trip memorable and extra fun than the last time.

What are the fundamental factors that every beginner needs to prepare before jumping into the next popular hiking trail? We’ve compiled the best guide helpful, not just for beginners, even for professional hikers to do a quick recap. Besides, a fun hike means getting completely ready. 

What Every Beginners Needs To Know

For most beginners, going for a hike seems easy until you’re on the trail. You can never be well-prepared unless you’ve survived those uncertain moments that test whether you’re well prepared. Avoid compromising fun and convenience; there are essential factors that you need to know before hiking. 

Here’s a complete guide: 

  • Pack The Ten Essentials

The best way to hike is to prepare your backpack with all the essentials gear to help you survive life outdoors. You can read this to know what to bring in hiking without carrying a load full of unnecessary things. That way, you can maximize and plan the weight you’ll be moving around to help you enjoy the outdoors.

  • Find A Hiking Buddy

Technically, hiking with friends is better than going solo. However, it’s still an individual preference to go with a group, a companion, or alone. However, safety is the primary concern why most hikers find it easier to explore with friends. 

Ideally, it’s recommended to hike in a group with four people. Just in case someone gets injured, one can stay with the injured person while two ask for help. 

  • Check Local Rules And Regulations

It’s essential to do a quick research of the local rules and regulations on the hiking trail. It is to protect the environment while providing an excellent hiking experience. Read rules if you’ll need reservations, tickets/passes, or permits before hiking. 

  • Research About The Hiking Trails And Possible Options

Finding the perfect trail you want to conquer is vital. It means you’ll need to check multiple websites, parks, or blogs that provide the right paths suitable for your abilities. 

  • Check Weather And Trail Conditions

Having fun while hiking depends on the trail condition you’re about to explore. Check ahead of time and see how the weather is; it will prevent uncertain scenarios or accidents as your safety is the top priority. 

  • Avoid Getting Lost

To prevent wandering off the planned trail or track, bring a copy or map description of the path with you. If you use devices, make sure you have a backup charger or power bank to keep up with your adventure.

  • Bring Your Garbage Bag

Garbage bags are essential to take all the things that you bring and keep the environment clean for the next group to enjoy hiking. It’s a responsibility every hiker must practice.

  • Dress Appropriately

Chooses the right types of fabric when hiking. Moisture-wicking, easy-to-dry clothes are ideal. Avoid cotton, go for polyester, merino wool, or nylon clothing. Try dressing up in layers; this allows you to remove or add apparels when the temperature changes.

  • Plan And Don’t Rush

Rushing into the trail is inappropriate. Schedule and manage time, from leaving your home, driving, walking, etc. Avoid getting caught out on the track at night or when it gets dark. 

  • Packs Snacks And Bring Enough Water

Pack up with protein-rich or high-carb snacks and bring extra as needed. Don’t forget to bring enough water and a water purifier in case of emergency, and you’ll have enough to keep you hydrated as you hike.

  • Check Your Hiking Gear

Double-checking your hiking gear will save you in case of an emergency. Learn how to use those GPS before heading over the trail. Charge your batteries and bring extra. A solar charging device will be a life-saver too.

  • Leave Your Trip Plan

Let anyone from your family or friends know where you’re going and when you will be back. That way, someone will be looking after you if you don’t return, get lost or injured.


Hiking is one of the best ways to declutter if you’re feeling down on everything, wants to freshen up, enjoy nature, have some quality time with friends and families. With this perfect guide, you’ll know what to do and plan your hiking trip like a pro. 

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