Improving One’s Quality of Life: What Are the Top 5 Types of Hearing Products for the Hearing Impaired?

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Modern-day medicine advancements allow you to improve your quality of life, especially when living with an impairment such as a hearing impairment. However, deciding which products to choose can often become confusing as the market is inundated with different companies selling their products, proclaiming to be the best. Here is a concise guide that can help you in finding the best hearing product for you.

Miracle-Ear hearing aids 

Being one of the oldest brands on the market, it comes as no surprise that Miracle-Ear hearing aids is on this list. Miracle-Ear began helping people with hearing impairments way back in 1948 and has been committed to being a leader in hearing aid advancements ever since.


70+ years of hearing aid service

A diverse range of hearing aid products

Excellent warranty and lifetime customer service

Has a foundation to assist people in need

Has a handy and helpful hearing test that can be performed online


Miracle-Ear’s pricing on their products can vary because their products are available through licensed audiologists and other hearing professionals. Although they may vary, you can expect the price to range from $1, 500 up to $3,100. Although the pricing may at first appear to be higher than average, Miracle-Ear offers lifetime services (including adjustments and cleaning) that other companies will charge extra for as part of an ‘additional warranty.’ 


A family initially founded the Widex company in Denmark in 1956. They are well known for offering hearing aids that deliver some of the best quality sounds and provides aids that are able to focus on what the wearer actually wants to be able to hear, instead of all sounds available being accentuated. This technology allows the wearer to listen to conversations more distinctively, instead of background noises. 

Although the Widex company started in Denmark being a small family-run company, today they are one of the largest and most widespread hearing aid companies. 


Available in approximately 100 different countries

A free trial that is actually free (no obligation to purchase)


Continual advances in technology and design


There are many different types of hearing aids offered by Widex, and prices between the models can vary up to $3000. 

MD Hearing Aid

MD Hearing Aid offers excellent IIC Hearing Aids. This company was initially founded by an ear, nose, and throat doctor wanting to provide a solution for patients who could not afford a ‘regular’ hearing aid. 

This is one of the only types of hearing aid on the market that customers can buy direct from the website. What this means is that there is no hearing professional to assist patients, so bear that in mind. However, MD Hearing Aid does offer customer support (both over the phone and online), and this support team includes an audiologist that makes recommendations based on the online hearing test. 


Lower cost 

45 day trial period (includes 100% money-back guarantee)

The above are the top three types of hearing aids, but these deserve some mention as well:

  1. Eargo (suitable for low profile hearing aids)
  2. Starkey (good for tinnitus)

The Bottom Line

There are many different types of companies offering a wide range of hearing aids. What you should look for is a company that has a lengthy track record of supporting its customers and delivering quality products and customer support. 

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