Indoor Activities To Do With Your Kids This Winter

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Whenever the winter holidays are approaching, the kids get excited, but the minds of the parents are whirring. What would be great bonding sessions for kids and parents when they do not have the freedom to go outside? Instead of letting your young ones run free, stay glued to the couch and to their phone screens, or mess up the house, here are some fun activities to make sure that they remain active to make the holidays memorable for everyone.

  1. Dress Up and Act It Out! – You can let your kids unleash their inner princesses and knights when they stage their mini play or short film. You can allow your children to decide if they prefer a fairytale, a fable with animals, or their preferred original story. Then, make this a whole week’s worth of activity by starting them with costume design, props, scriptwriting, and then the show itself. Once the preparation is complete, you can begin to shoot. Get the cameras rolling and help them out by being the photographer. There are lots of accessible editing apps out there that you can use. Once it is all done, you can do a home screening for your kids’ movie.
  2. Play Some Kickball – Using a playground-sized rubber ball, you can group your kids into two. You can mark a do-it-yourself baseball diamond with first, second, third, and home bases. Your team members must have children according to a usual baseball game. Let the assigned pitcher roll the ball to the batter who would kick the ball into the field. The fielding team must attempt to catch the ball and catch the runner to get him out of the game. You can purchase some great running and kicking shoes for your children from reputable sources. If you are curious, you can view them here.
  3. Do a Home Bake-Off – Can you imagine cozying up to a warm cup of tea or cocoa with a sweet pastry? You can make this an even more memorable event with baking the yummy treats with your kids. There are many baked goods recipes that you can search online that are kid-friendly so that it can be their total masterpiece. You can also choose to pick cupcakes or cakes that the kids can decorate depending on their preferences.
  4. Make an Indoor Treasure Hunt – You can organize an Amazing Race style treasure hunt for your kids. While your angels are sleeping, you can write some clues to hide all over your house for them to find. You can make it themed based on their favorite things, or you can make it review style for the new things they have learned from school. The first child, or team, depending on whether the game is individual or by groups, will win a special prize or the treasure waiting at the end of the game.
  5. Create a Craft Corner – Unleash your kid’s creative juices by setting up a place in your house where your angel can do beautiful art projects. You just set up a table with all the possible things a crafting area must have the following items:
    1. Colored cardboard
    2. Paper plates
    3. Non-toxic glue
    4. Stickers and glitter
    5. Watercolor paint
    6. Crayons and color pencils
    7. Pipe cleaners
    8. Kid-friendly scissors
    9. Modeling clay
    10. Felt
    11. Fabric cut-offs
    12. Popsicle sticks
    13. Ribbons

After that, you can let your child’s mind run wild in creating projects, or you can assign specific tasks for them. Once your kids are done, hang up their artwork for everyone in the family to see.

  1. Cooking Soup Party – Eating some soup in the winter is a great experience. What more if you can involve your kids in the preparation? If you have older children, you can have them help cut up the vegetables. For younger kids, they can help with rinsing and scrubbing, as well as picking the ingredients. To make it an even better adventure, you can make your kids some chef hats and aprons. To make the foodie day even more satisfying, you can assemble a grilled cheese station. As the soup nears its cooking time, cook the sandwiches so they will be perfectly crisp and cheesy. Cooking will allow your children to even appreciate the food that they eat every day. Your older kids will also gain usable life skills that they will need as they seek more independence.
  2. Indoor Shooting Practice or a Mini Basketball Game – Does your family have the next Michael Jordan or Lebron James? Don’t let the winter hinder your kid from honing his basketball skills. You can set up a mini court inside or in your garage. If the roads are safe, you can even rent out an indoor basketball court. Wherever you choose to play ball with your kid, just make sure that he or she has high-quality shoes that offer support to his feet to lessen injuries. If you want to learn more, see more information on


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