Ways to Integrate Concrete into Your Home

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Concrete and concrete styles are becoming more popular, not just for durability but for its versatility, ease of cleaning and other benefits that it brings. It’s easier than you think to introduce the cool concrete trend into your home because you can integrate concrete in all sorts of ways. Below are a few good ideas to get you started:

Ways to Integrate Concrete into Your Home

1. Walls and Floors

Let’s start with the fundamental surfaces of your home, the walls around you and the floor beneath your feet. Concrete delivers a truly bold and contemporary look that’s just impossible not to notice. You might have thought that concrete walls, for example, were too cold for your living space, but actually what they do is give you more opportunity to create balance with admittedly colder, more industrial walls, but decorated with warm, colourful and artistic elements. The combination can be striking and engaging.

As for the floors, concrete floors are both sturdy and easy to to maintain, making them a great choice for rooms with heavy foot traffic or where you entertain a lot. What’s more, they’re easy to decorate and style, and easy to maintain with occasional mopping and a polish every couple of years or so.

2. Bathtubs and Showers

Perhaps you’re not ready to go the whole hog and get walls and floors, so you could start smaller in one single room like the bathroom. Concrete bathtubs and showers are stunning to behold and will add a wow factor like no other to your bathroom. A concrete shower can be built with virtually no seams — no grouting — which means it’s much easier to maintain and to keep clean.

But isn’t concrete slippery when wet? The beauty of concrete is that it can be textured however you need by changing the sealer. Concrete needs to be sealed when to prevent water buildup, and that seal can be given a non-slip texture, meaning your concrete surfaces now not only are protected but also are safe to walk on after showers or baths.

3. Countertops

Another place to easily integrate concrete is the kitchen, where concrete countertops (when properly sealed) become stain-resistant and durable alternatives to other kitchen countertops you’ve looked at so far. Concrete can be used to make the countertops, or the counters themselves with a different top material — or both!

4. Fireplaces

If your home has a fireplace, then concrete can really make it pop. Concrete is homely yet also modern and brings your old-world fireplace firmly into the 21st century. When you use concrete panels to build around your fireplace, for example, it’s easy to integrate recesses for shelves, displays and other purposes. Your fireplace looks like part of the construction but also like part of the room’s furniture in a beautiful bit of integration.

5. Sinks

Another fixture for a bathroom is a stunning concrete sink. They can create a much greater sense of grandeur and scale than other materials, especially in large and open bathroom spaces. It can be shaped with modern sloping sink bottoms to ensure water flows down the drain quickly and evenly, and accompanied by stunning chrome-finish stainless steel taps for a clean, stylish look.

6. Outdoor Space

Finally, let’s not forget the outside. Concrete is a fantastic material for outdoor tables, seating, decoration, as well as for a patio deck or even a pool. Concrete can be shaped and molded to fit your specifications and create durable, comfortable furniture and other items to integrate into your outdoor space.

There’s a reason that concrete is so sought after, and that’s because it’s so easy to integrate and makes a stunning addition to any home.

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