Is Commercial Painting More Expensive Than Residential?

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Many people wonder which type of painting (commercial or residential) is more expensive. When you plan to renovate your home or refresh the paint at your office buildings, it would be useful to know the difference. Surepaint is one of Brisbane’s most reliable painting contractors, offering competitive prices for commercial and residential painting projects.

Generally, painting a commercial property is far less affordable than performing the same project on a residential one. That doesn’t necessarily mean that painters in commercial projects have a higher wage than their colleagues dealing with residential painting. A commercial painting project has many more aspects to consider that raise the costs. Everything has to do with the project size and the agreement between the owner and the painting contractor.

So, a 2,500 sq. foot home would cost more to repaint than a 500 sq. foot office. On the other hand, painting a two-story commercial building could cost a lot more than a three-bedroom apartment. This article will analyze and compare the residential and commercial painting costs.

The figures quoted are approximations since, in the real world, prices vary according to the condition of each property. Nevertheless, the figures would be useful in showing you an estimate of the costs serving as a tool for negotiating with painting contractors.

Since all projects are unique, there might be a different pricing pattern. Even an extended commercial property painting project could be more affordable if the preparations needed are minor. Keep reading to find more information about commercial and residential painting costs.

How Much Would It Cost to Paint a Commercial Property?

The hourly price for commercial painting in Australia could be between $40 and $60. That doesn’t differ from the average price of residential painters. But, how can the final prices be so different? That happens because the work remains the same. Therefore, painters would need to devote the same time and pain to paint a commercial or a residential building. One of the major differences is that commercial painting projects are larger and require many more hours in preparation.

Residential projects are limited and easier to complete. That is because both types of painters integrate the preparation works to the final price. The building location may also affect the prices offered for your painting project. For example, it’s common to see different prices for the same projects in Sydney and Adelaide. For that reason, it would be best to take more quotes and never hurry into an agreement with a contractor that has shown up at your property first. Keep in mind that it’s more likely to pay more for a commercial painting project than for a residential one.

A Rough Estimate of the Interior Building Painting Costs in Commercial Properties

Painters specialized in commercial properties charge anywhere between $2 and $6 per sq. foot or $60 to $100 for every hour they work. As said before, the size of the project, the location, and other factors could make the final price vary.

Even though there isn’t a remarkable difference, interior painting is usually cheaper than the exterior. 

Does Painting Your Exterior Building Surfaces Elevate Costs?

Painters who deal with commercial painting projects could cost you anywhere between $4 and $8 per sq. foot for your property’s exterior. It’s slightly higher than internal painting tasks, taking into account the danger of being exposed to weather elements and heights. 

Painting your building’s exterior walls is by far more dangerous and affects the final price. That is because commercial buildings usually have two or three floors. That’s why painting contractors are required by law to take special safety measures to ensure their well-being while performing their tasks. However, whether you work on a high ladder, an elevated platform, or a scaffold, the dangers of exterior painting remain the same. Not to mention that painters have to deal with nasty weather that jeopardizes their health. For all these reasons, exterior painting projects are more expensive than interior ones.

It is evident that commercial painting costs more than residential painting projects, but their difference tends to shrink. A complex project that involves a commercial property painting in a distant location would always be more expensive to complete than a simple paint refresh in a residential property.

It is in your best interest to ask for many quotes from local painting contractors. The smart choice would be to always deal with a reputable contractor who has many satisfied customers in the area and seems more negotiable than others.

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