Is It OK To Drink Out Of The Aluminum Water Bottle?

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The more the world tries to find ways to make ease, even more, easier for them. It is always connected to many health issues. Then what is the point of ease if your health is at risk? Glass shifts to plastic and the back to contemporary glass, this journey has been for decades and even centuries. The war against plastics is fairly new.

When the world finally realized how dangerous it was, they formulated other ways to bottle their water. One of them being the aluminum-lined bottles or a crystal water bottle, both being safe water bottle alternatives.

Are Aluminum water bottles safe?

Every era has a group that has to be against the new invention; here, that invention is the aluminum bottles. We all know that aluminum is an inert element and is very stable as well. Until used as a conductor. They do not leach out in the water.

The controversial theories have always been against aluminum products; they want everything aluminum-free.

Do these bottles contain BPA?

In the early 1960s, an epoxy resin was formulated as bisphenol-A, nowadays called BPA. This epoxy resin was used to make plastic products, including bottles. Scientists then found out that BPA can leach out in food and even bottled water. So people started to avoid plastic. So manufacturers started to make custom aluminum water bottles.

After the Aluminum bottle came into being, this did not leech into the water but could react with acidic liquids. To encounter that issue, some companies started using BPA to line these bottles as well, but not all aluminum bottles have BPA lined. 

Better and well research companies use a compound called BPA-free epoxy resin, including the tested copolyester. With the emerging health era, bottle companies try to keep it allergen and toxin-free.

Other BPA-free bottles like aluminum bottles

Even though aluminum bottles are safe and even better but if you still feel skeptical about the company using BPA, there are a few other choices you can look into;

1. Any bottle made by Nestle water bottles.

2. S’Well- dual layers of stainless steel, these bottles are 100% non-toxic, BPA free

3. Klean Kanteen- stainless steel, food-grade silicone, BPA-free polypropylene, and corrugated cardboard.

4. Welly- made from recyclable bamboo.

5. Healthy Human- It’s the only bottle with a stainless steel-lined cap, so water never touches plastic.

Is Aluminum Alzheimer a myth?

No, Alzheimer is not a myth but relating it to aluminum is. Aluminum is an inert element and only reacts with acidic liquids, and water is an alkali. So the aluminum-induced Alzheimer is a myth and can never be proved.

Aluminum water bottles are safe to use if they have a BPA-free lining. They are highly demanded and are used for years after even one purchase. They are thermally insulated that keep your drinks hot in the winters and cool in the summers. It’s like all I ever wanted.

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