Is it Time to Think Less About Skincare?

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So much has changed about the world due to the pandemic. Industries that used to thrive, such as food, tourism, and Skin Care, have seen a change they were unprepared for. Food, of course, is an essential industry, which is why some restaurants like Pizza Hut or Dominos have chosen to offer take-out and delivery options to still get some business while major cities are on lockdown. The tourism industry will need more time before it can get back on its feet as people are afraid to travel. But still, you can order the best food for yourself that suits your skin with the best foods and drinks apps

And then there’s the skincare industry, which was a very important industry for most of the world back when people were going out, meeting friends, traveling, and looking good for their social media accounts. Now that those activities have been minimized, and face masks have replaced glasses as the go-to accessory for the face, is skincare still relevant? 

The Connection Between Skincare and Self-care

Travel might be less fun now, and skincare products seem like they don’t have a spot in one’s budget anymore, but in reality, skincare is still relevant because of its connection with self-care. In a time when everyone is anxious about how the world will recover, you need products that will help you feel more relaxed and confident in your days ahead. Korean sheet masks, for instance, have not waned in popularity, and in fact, they might even be more popular now that people staying indoors are discovering k-drama as binge-worthy shows. At-home skin tightening devices are another popular trend nowadays used for skin lifting and firming. These machines are beginner-friendly and offer relaxing rejuvenation sessions that almost everyone loves. 

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Going Out Still Requires Protection

Yes, products such as foundations and setting powders may have fallen off people’s must-haves now that their faces are covered with a face mask, but this doesn’t mean all products are seeing a similar trend. Skincare, which encompasses everything from moisturizing to sun protection, still has plenty of uses. When you go out, you will need a moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin from the harsh rays that will penetrate your face shield. Then, when you get home, you will need to wash your face, tone it, and moisturize before bedtime. 

We Are Social Creatures

The responsible thing to do right now is to avoid going out socially unless it’s really necessary, but this will not last forever. When the world gets better and when there’s a vaccine available, everyone will go out again. Because it’s what we’re used to, and it’s what we long for the most. When that time happens, we’ll want to be ready with a full face of makeup again. Knowing that, it’s a smart move to buy everything you need now if your favorite brand offers huge discounts, as long as you don’t open the packaging until you’re ready to use the product. Makeup does go bad, and its shelf life starts to depreciate once it’s opened. Still, the savings you get while the demand is low is worth it if you know you’ll be able to use it eventually. The same is also true for clothes and airfare. Knowing that the world will travel again, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of cheaper tickets now for flights in the next year or so? 

How much of your skincare routine has changed while you’re stuck at home? Though you may only need basic skincare right now, the industry itself will never go away.

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