Is Laser Hair Removal Possible For Dark Skin Tones?

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Most women don’t like having their facial hair come in the way of their beauty. Sometimes they may be beautiful with it, but most find it annoying.

There have been a lot of movements in the social media platform like pro body hair motion. Unfortunately, few women in this world are in support of keeping their body hair as naturally as they are. Apart from beauty, women also find it unhygienic and that is another reason to remove unwanted hair.

You might often end up spending a lot of money in temporary hair removal practices. Such efforts go in vain hair re-grows after a certain period. Every time spending heaps of time and money for such tasks can get tedious. Many times the products you use can harm your skin. You should think of other ideas by which you can easily remove your body hair once and for all.

Such concepts are supported by the cosmetic procedure of laser hair removal. But again the agony of getting rid of unwanted body hair does not merely end here.

Is hair removal possible for darker skinned women?

People with lighter skin tones are okay of undergoing laser hair removal treatments, but what about women with a darker skin tone? If you have a dark skin color, you are about to get minimal positive effects out of such laser treatments. When your skin is dark, or you have a lot of freckles or black spots, it can be tough to remove hair.

A lot of studies have shown that women with dark skin tones have rejected the positive effects of laser hair removal procedures. When you forcefully undergo the treatment despite having dark skin, you become more prone to damaging your skin texture due to the treatment. If this is the scenario, then how do you beat such a problem and enjoy laser hair removal procedure safely?

There are some instances which show that some beauty technicians and professionals like

DermaniMedspa have successfully performed laser hair removal treatment on dark skin tone women. Thus, to get positive results, you can book your appointments with them accordingly. Do a detailed homework on the aesthetician who is going to perform this procedure on you and then get a prior booking.

What are the traditional methods of hair removal?

When you have a dark skin tone, the options of hair removal already become restricted for you. However, the regular methods by which you get rid of unwanted body hair are mostly waxing, plucking, bleaching and shaving. All these methods involve intense work, including both labor and time. But with laser hair removal, these drawbacks can be mended. However, laser treatment is much more expensive than traditional methods.

But what is the point in standard traditional procedures if the effects are not long lasting. Thus, you get to use these procedures more often, involving more monetary investment every time you opt for them. The most significant advantage of laser hair removal procedure is that the effects of these treatments last for a longer time than any other traditional methods. Thus, the investment that you are making is mostly a onetime thing and does not require constant repetition.

Pros and Cons of laser hair removal procedures

If you have a dark skin tone, it is suggested that you first go for a patch testing before opting for laser treatments. Patch testing involves examining a small portion of your skin to determine the texture, effectiveness, and fragility of skin cells towards laser lights. Only when you pass this test, you undergo the laser treatment safely.


  1.    Long term effects
  2.    Has the power to treat almost all body parts
  3.    Reduces body hair growth to a great extent
  4.    Comparatively lesser pain related problems involved during the treatment


  1.    Can be extremely expensive to some people and depends on where you are getting it done.
  2.    Needs a commitment from your end in the long run.

Reason ineffectiveness of laser treatment on dark skin

Laser hair removal procedure works by comparing the tone of your skin and your hair. Unless and until the hair targeted for removal has a lighter tone than that of your skin, the laser beam will not be able to detect it. This becomes a grand issue for women who have a dark complexion. The optimal state required for the laser beam to effectively work when your skin tone is lighter, and the hair follicle tone is more ominous.

With advancements, there are no more problems associated with dark-skinned people undergoing laser hair removal procedures. A lot of latest technological advancements have promised the successful removal of unwanted body hair even if you have a dark skin tone. These updated instruments give equal results for both dark and lighter skinned people with minimal adversities.

It may sound very tricky, but when your complexion is dark, the entire idea of going through laser hair removal procedures automatically becomes very challenging. This is majorly considered in terms of the biological safety drawbacks.

If you feel that you should go for laser hair removal treatments despite having a darker skin tone, do not be extremely confident about it. First, you need to go through some patch examinations and then only opt for the original treatment. Such a safety measure is recommended to ensure your good health and getting yourself exposed to minimal side effects possible.

Final thoughts

No matter what skin color you have, professionals will serve you right if you get to the right place. You need to be picky about the clinic that assists you with laser treatment for hair removal and know all about it beforehand. Be specific about the maintenance, overall costs, repetition, and more. Aftercare is an important aspect especially right after you do the laser treatment. Note that women with a medical condition might not be allowed to do such treatment. Discuss such scenarios with your doctor before leaping into it.

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