Is Medical Marijuana Covered By Medicare?

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More states in the United States are beginning to legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. With the increasing number of states that now support the use of medical marijuana, one begins to wonder what Medicare insurance says about medical marijuana.

Medicare largely does not support medical marijuana and that is because marijuana remains a controlled substance at the federal level. This means that possession of marijuana, whether for recreational or medical reasons, remains prohibited and punishable under federal laws.

However, while some states may have passed state laws that legalize its use and possession, this does not mean a user cannot be found guilty of possession under federal law. Medicare, as a body, has failed to provide coverage for medical marijuana and this is because the product is still considered to be a Schedule I controlled substance.

Being a Schedule I controlled substance, doctors may be held liable and culpable for prescribing its use. However, several research articles have pointed to the effectiveness of the product in the treatment of a number of medical conditions.

To better understand what there is to know about medical marijuana, Ohio Green Team – Medical Marijuana Doctors & Recommendations, and other important factors, read below.

Why Has Medicare Failed To Cover The Use of Medical Marijuana?

Medicare, as a body, has failed to provide coverage for medical marijuana for a number of reasons including the federal laws that are against the possession, use, and distribution of marijuana. In addition to this, the medical insurance body is yet to get an Okay from the FDA on medical marijuana and its effective use in the treatment of health conditions.

These factors have established the precedent for the decision made by the medical insurance body against providing coverage for the use of medical marijuana.

Chances are high that if the federal prohibition against the use of the substance is lifted, the medical insurance board will offer extended coverage.

What To Know About Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C and D, is a health insurance coverage that is offered by insurance companies. This insurance coverage offers extended protection when compared to Medicare parts A and B.

As part of the added advantage, subscribers will have access to coverage for their vision care, some prescription drugs, and dental care.

Seeing as medical marijuana may be prescribed by a medical marijuana doctor, the question then is, does this extended advantage cover medical marijuana prescriptions?

Although Medicare Parts C and D – offering extended coverage, may be available, the chances of covering the use of marijuana products are high only when the product has been approved by the FDA. Many of the available cannabis or marijuana products are under restriction and this may, in turn, pose a problem for users who are covered under this medicare plan.

Rest assured that products like Epidiolex, Dronabinol, and others may be covered under the extended advantage because they have been approved by the FDA.

How can medical marijuana help me?

Medical marijuana has been established to be effective in the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. Over the years, many patients have attested to the effectiveness of the product in addressing conditions related to nausea, inflammation, loss of appetite, depression, pain, muscle stiffness, epileptic seizures, and others.

In addition to these symptoms, medical marijuana has also been reported to be an effective part of cancer treatment as well as in the treatment of AIDS.

How Can cannabinoid-based medications help?

Cannabinoid-based medications like Epidiolex can help users in the prevention of common problems like seizures which may be an active symptom of epilepsy. Dronabinol can also be used to ease the effect of nausea and vomiting which are symptoms of cancer treatment. It has also been revealed to play an important role in increasing appetite in AIDS patients.

While these products have been considered helpful and medicinal, the federal government considers them to be prohibited and should be treated as such.

Using Medical Marijuana in States where it is legal

Using medical marijuana in states that have lifted a ban on the use of the product comes with some responsibilities. The user is expected to make an appointment with their primary healthcare provider to discuss the need for medical marijuana. The doctor will conduct a full physical examination to establish the presence of supported conditions that can be treated using medical marijuana. Once established, the doctor issues a medical marijuana card recommendation that will be renewed annually to the patient.

The doctor will also be responsible for the prescription of the medical marijuana to be used.

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