Is Parasailing Scary? 5 Reasons to Go for It

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If you’ve ever seen someone parasailing through the air, it’s hard not to be intrigued by the experience and think about trying it out for yourself.

Parasailing offers adventure seekers the opportunity to soar above the water and enjoy spectacular views while gliding hundreds of feet in the air. It can be quite a mesmerizing experience for those who are willing to set their fears aside.

Although there are some risks with any recreational activity, parasailing is one of the safest outdoor activities that you can participate in. If you’ve ever thought about giving parasailing a try, here are five reasons to give it a go.

Experience the feeling of flying 

If you’ve ever envied the ability birds have to fly, parasailing will give you that experience of flying. It literally gives you a lift in the air and glides you above the water while you enjoy spectacular views that only a bird or high flying drone gets to see. 

Depending on the wind and water conditions, you may be able to soar as high as 600 feet in the air. While you’re up there, you may be able to catch a glimpse of a dolphin or a school of fish below. You can enjoy the experience riding solo sitting back and taking in the amazing views by yourself or enjoy the thrill of flying up in the air with a friend or two.

It helps reduce stress 

Like other outdoor activities, parasailing offers the same rush of air on your body, which can help to alleviate stress and, in turn, help to improve your overall personal well being. The experience offers that awesome rush of adrenaline from the thrill of it. Plus, breathing in that fresh sea air never hurts. 

Parasailing is much more relaxing than you might think. You may never have guessed that being 600 feet up in the air is quiet, but it is. The most you’d hear as your parasailing along through the air is the hum of boats below or the faint sound of the wind as it blows past you. 

It’s an affordable outdoor activity

Parasailing is a surprisingly affordable experience compared to other outdoor activities that offer a thrill, like skydiving. Although prices for parasailing in West Palm Beach will differ from prices for parasailing in Hawaii, it generally ranges from $50 to $150. 

The lower heights start at around $50 and go up from there depending on how high you go up. No matter what type of parasailing experience you choose, it’s not a bad price for a thrill of a lifetime.

It’s safe after the proper precautions

Statistically, parasailing is pretty safe. However, there are always some risks as with any outdoor activity. To ensure your safety, follow these tips:

  • Do a visual inspection: Check and make sure the parasail boat appears to be in good condition and is well maintained. If the parasail equipment on the boat appears old and worn, find another operator. Also, be on the lookout for the tow rope; if it looks worn or weathered, do not parasail until it’s replaced.
  • Choose an established location: Always choose a parasailing business that operates out of an established location. 
  • Make sure the operator gives a safety briefing: A professional parasailing business will always provide you with a detailed safety briefing that explains all risks before your flight. 

Check the weather: Never go parasailing in the rain, fog, or in winds over 15 mph.

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