Is Sushi One of Your Favorite Dishes? 5 Steps to Make At Home!

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Sushi is the preferred food of millions of Australians and New Zealanders. It is no longer a Japanese delicacy. Thanks to the internet and thousands of YouTube videos, Sushi can be found in kitchens all around the world. Sushi is very easy to make. However, you will have to go the extra mile to make it delectable. So how do we do it?

Stay right here and follow these five steps to make the right Sushi! Before you start, make sure you have these four things ready. These are; good Sushi rolling mat, Nori, Sushi rice, and Sushi fillings. 

a) Nori is a type of seaweed that you can get in most Asian markets. Roasted sheets of Nori are available aplenty and pros can easily roll their Sushi in those. If you are a newbie, you would need to use small leaves of this seaweed for running. Take note that Nori absorbs moisture very quickly. Unless you want all your Nori sheets in one sitting, keep some of them aside (maybe a zip lock) for future use. 

b) Making the Sushi Rice- While pros can make it effortlessly, beginners can get pre-cooked Sushi rice from the nearest market. To make a tastier version of Sushi rice, add a few teaspoons of seasoned vinegar to it. If you can’t get the latter, add some sugar to your regular vinegar for the right taste. 

c) To make your Sushi even more dramatic, fill it with all the things that you can imagine. You can fill your Sushi with raw fish (salmon, tuna, etc.), crabs, avocado, mango, tempura, carrots, etc. There is no fast rule on what to use and what not to. 

Now we are ready to make Sushi with the above-listed accessories:

1) First, place the Nori on the bamboo mat. You can use any other material for laying the Nori, and we wouldn’t care. Feel the Nori with your hands. There are two sides of the nori-rough and smooth. The rough team should face you. 

2) Next, use your fingers to spread your rice on the Nori. Spread rice evenly but at the same time, make the whole thing look lacy. This means your Nori should be visible to you from certain places. Since rice contains starch, your fingers might get messy and sticky. To keep your fingers clean and non-sticky, place a bowl of water nearby. 

3) Now we are ready for the fillings. Make sure you go over to the bottom quarter of your Nori for the stuffing. If you don’t, it would be hard to tell whether fillings exist in your Sushi. Visit website and get to know how these fillings are made. 

4) The next part of your sushi making is a delicate one. Roll over the mat and the Nori in such a way that the end parts of your Nori, rice and the rest of the ingredients look like a small snail. So what you get is a conical shape. Squeeze the roll now and then remove the bamboo mat. 

5) For better results, compress the turn even more with the bamboo mat. In the last and final stage, please take out the roll from underneath the bamboo mat, and cut it neatly with a sharp knife. Your knife might become sticky in the process, so keep a bowl of water nearby. Arrange these delicious pieces in plates and serve them to your guests. 

Do you have other ways to make great Sushi? Write to us, please.

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