Is Your Brand New Vehicle a Lemon? Warning Signs and What You Can Do About It

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When you purchase a brand new vehicle, you are in fact purchasing peace of mind in a sense. A brand new car means you won’t have any mechanical issues to worry about, the body is in great shape and free of rust or other signs of wear and damage, and you know that the car itself will be reliable. Because vehicles aren’t cheap, it’s usually a pretty big investment to buy one, and often you’re looking at monthly payments for many years to come.

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So, what happens when the brand new car you purchase turns out to be a dud and is anything but reliable? Could it be that you actually got a lemon? Is there even such a thing as a lemon when it comes to new cars? Here we’ll take a closer look at what a lemon is in terms of vehicles, what warning signs exist, and what you can do if you think you’ve got one.

What Constitutes a Lemon?

You may have heard of the term before, when someone states they’ve got a “lemon” when it comes to their car. What this means is that the car has one or more manufacturing defects which are affecting its reliability, value, and/or safety. Typically, a lemon has more than one issue, most of which are so severe that it leaves the car pretty much undriveable or un-useable.

As for the warning signs, you’d be watching for major issues that go wrong with the vehicle that aren’t normal or safe for it to be suffering from.

What is the Lemon Law?

Just as you may have heard of lemon vehicles you may have also heard of the lemon law. The lemon law exists in the United States in order to protect consumers and the investment they make in their vehicle. While the law exists across the country, it does differ from state to state. These federal and state laws are meant to provide a solution and protection for buyers who have bought a car that doesn’t meant the standards of performance or quality.

As for what kind of solution you are offered, the goal is to ensure that consumers aren’t stuck with a car they can’t drive. Instead replacement, repairs, or even refunds from the automaker can be rewarded.

What Can You Do if You Have a Lemon?

If you suspect your vehicle may be a lemon, then it’s a good idea to contact a lemon law attorney in your state. They will be able to understand and explain your rights as a consumer and advise you about the steps you can take. Now it should be noted that even though there is a lot of emphasis on the lemon law where brand new vehicles are concerned, used cars can also be covered. Again, it’s something you can discuss with an attorney and get professional advice.

Don’t Feel as Though You Are Stuck

The most important message to take home at the end of the day is that if you suspect your car may be a lemon, there are laws that can offer consumer protection and solutions.


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