Josh Gibson MD Scholarship: Writing an Outstanding Scholarship Essay

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Earning a scholarship can be financially and psychologically gratifying for the simple reason that it reflects your achievement. You won an award because of your merit, standing out from the rest of those hundreds of other applications. In the US, winning financial aid that doesn’t involve repayment is a massive thing. It can take care of almost 31% of your college education cost based on the number and sum of money offered by an organization, individual, or so on. If you want to benefit, pay attention to important parts of the scholarship process, of which essay writing is one. Here are some suggestions in this context.

Things to consider when working on a scholarship essay

Specific and personal approach

Giving an essay a personal touch with powerful details makes it feel authentic. It helps the committee to understand you as a person and your individuality. When you take care of this, you already offer something unique to your readers or reviewing authorities who have to go through a hundred to thousand tedious applications before choosing the winning piece. That’s why it is essential to express your personality through your writing. 

A narrative

You can attract the attention of your readers with the very first sentence of your essay. It is possible if you strategize your approach. Work on its structure; think what readers will admire, etc., say experts. So, when you apply for Josh Gibson MD Scholarship or some other program to fund your education cost, keep these things in mind while writing an essay. Add specific details that give them a feel of the real-life circumstances and make your assignment compelling.

Essay topic

One general flaw that every student makes is that they rewrite their essays when applying for different scholarships. However, it is a risky thing. Your chances of success become bleak because of the average quality. Instead of repurposing an already-written piece, you should focus on the subject matter and focus on the specific questions asked to you. Some essays usually want to dig into your goals, experiences, and how you plan to achieve them. Some may enquire about your community involvement or your milestones and how you crossed hurdles in your way. No matter what it requires, you have to tailor your writing to meet its demand.


Most students don’t focus on the essay guidelines, which can be extremely frustrating for the examiner or reader. If you don’t wish to risk your winning potential, ensure that you adhere to the standards required. Follow the proper formatting rules and word count. Stay focused on the question. A brilliant piece doesn’t necessarily have to be lengthy. 

While these can sound familiar, implementing them can be the toughest if you are not serious about securing your higher education financial aid. Remember, there will be many focused and ambitious applicants with the same needs as you. To get ahead of them in this competition, you have to be attentive. It calls for some hard work. But with diligence and intention, you can leave a mark. 

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