Jumeirah Resort and Spa

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Have you ever imagined a five-star hotel with a doughnut-like hole in the middle of it? Doesn’t it sound very cool?

When it comes to Dubai, it is that city, which likes to bend all the boundaries considering architecture and the latest development is doing that definitely. 

The images that have just been released of the hotel that has just been announced are marvelous. We are all drooling over the futuristic twin-tower structure.

It is set to be located in the Jumeirah Beach Residences, this building that has been inspired by a doughnut features one-hundred and eighty-two rooms, residential apartments, and serviced apartments. It will be the first-ever resort chain that would have a beachfront. However, it is yet to be revealed when this will be opening.

But there are a few things that we do know about it. Such as the fact that it will be made up of two towers, which will be of two-hundred and ninety meters. It will be adjoined at the top tier level and the lobby. The overall look of the building will be like a squashed bagel. This may sound like a weird description and a sentence that would never be used by anyone, but it is a true compliment, to be honest. One of the seventy-four story towers will also house a hotel, whereas the other ones will be a residential property. Out of which, the latter will be going on sale in the near future. 

The guests and the residents will have direct access to the Sheikh Zayed Road, while they would be sitting at the southern end and they will also have the facility of the breathtaking views of the upcoming Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel. This used to be known as the Dubai eye in the past. 

There will be a lot of other separate facilities for the residents and guests, which would include pools, some shared eateries as well. It doesn’t end here, there is more to it. It will definitely get you excited that there will be an infinity rooftop pool, a twenty-four-hour gym, a beach frontage spread over a hundred meters, ad a top floor lounge. There will be ballrooms and boardrooms as well. The JBR, will not be the only location that would open a branch in the city. Stay tuned because a hotel is set to be revealed this year in the downtown.

It will be the first-ever address hotel that will be opening in Dubai in six years. It is set to be opened around the first anniversary of the New Year’s Eve fire, which destroyed downtown hotel. It will be housed on the lowest levels of a new tower that has been linked to the Dubai Mall. It will consist of one-hundred and ninety-six hotel rooms, which would include thirty-six suited and a club lounge as well. It will also have serviced residences, a big spa, and even a restaurant on the site.

Key Information

  1. The Address Jumeirah Spa and Resort that are located at JBR is a new development that has been announced in September 2016, by a division of the Emaar Groups, Emaar Hospitality.
  2. The development consists of a pair of seventy-four towers that will share a common podium and will be connected by a five-story bridge at the top.
  3. It will stand at two hundred and ninety meters. One of the towers will consist of a hotel and residences that will be serviced. Whereas the others will consist of apartments.
  4. It will be located on the beachfront. It will be at the end of the Jumeirah Beach Residences complex. The marina will be flowing out of the sea here and will have views of the Blue Waters Island and the big wheel of Ain Dubai. Moreover, it will be directly linked to Sheikh Zayed Road.
  5. The hotels and serviced residences will be managed by The Address Hotels and Resorts.
  6. The attractions in the resort will be, an infinity pool, a beach frontage, exclusive eateries, a poolside restaurant that will be open all day, a beach grill and a lot more.
  7. It will also include a spa and fitness center.
  8. The landscape will consist of a bunch of things, a mix of planted terraces, outdoor lounges, restaurants and cascading pools that would be interlinked. The terraces would also consist of grand stairways, which would let the visitors walk from the beachfront to the level of the lobby.

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