Kashmir Travel tips for families with small kids

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You might have been planning to explore the “Paradise on Earth” for a while but end up distressing yourself that it’s not safe! If you have such a wrong notion of visiting Kashmir, it’s time to get rid of that and embrace its natural elegance.

So, are you thinking of visiting the mesmerizing valley of Kashmir with families? This heavenly abode is safe to visit with your families along with kids. If you want to embellish your Kashmir trip memorable as well as stress-free, make sure to look at the essential tips with all the pertinent details.

With these top 4 tips, your stay will be much more comfortable and enjoyable. Let’s get started!

1.   Opt for your tour package carefully

It’s highly recommended to make sure that your Kashmir Tour Packages must be chosen wisely. A travel agent will know all your demand and give you a precise estimate for Kashmir tour so that you can travel around the exotic land without indulging in any last-minute hassles.

The tour agents will make all the necessary changes and customize your trip for your families and even small kids on your behalf to give you complete relief. Before booking, make sure to inquire about a package to experience a comfortable and hassle-free trip.

2.   Carry enough cash

Ready for your next Kashmir trip? Carry plenty of cash while you head for the Kashmir trip, and never forget to bring ATM and credit cards, which will help you mitigate your money shortage. But, it’s also recommendable to take good care of your belongings and family luggage to save your stuff from pickpockets.

3.   Pack light while visiting Kashmir

If you are pondering your next trip to Kashmir, pack lighter stuff and do your packing nicely. Moreover, all you need is to understand the weather of Kashmir in which month you are traveling and choose the garments of your kids and families accordingly. This paradise is a prominent cold place, and that’s why you must carry woolen stuff and binnie for your kids and yourself.

4.   Consult with your tour operator when to visit Kashmir

The splendid meadows of Gulmarg, mainly lush green environment, can be seen during April and early May. But, once winter arises, Kashmir gets wrapped up in a sheet of white snow because of snowfall.

Therefore, the best time to visit Kashmir for watching the enthralling snowfall is just after peak winter – January and February. So, consult with your tour guide before booking your tickets and itinerary to enjoy the ideal weather with your families and kids. This is the most convenient tip for families who think of heading to Kashmir in the next few months.


Kashmir is one of those sacred and popular lands, which is entirely paradisiacal and will conquer your heart with its supreme elegance and splendor. So, your predilection for visiting this celestial land will be worth your time spending with your families. Hopefully, these top 4 Kashmir travel tips will satiate your need, and you will have a great time!

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