Kazoops is Coming To a Netflix Near You!

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Kazoops is an all new show that is coming to Netflix. Today! Yay!

I am a huge fan of Netflix Originals. Kazoops is an all new kids show featuring 6 year old Monty and his best friend Jimmy Jones, who happens to be a super cute piglet.


Monty likes to go on adventures with Jimmy Jones and solve problems while on these adventures. These problems are just simple problems that a 6 year old may run into.

In the first episode Monty brings home a friend that he has to take care of and Jimmy Jones, Monty’s best friend, becomes jealous.

Monty goes on an adventure with Jimmy Jones to solve his problem. In this adventure, they learn that you can have more then one best friend.


As a parent, I think this is a very valuable lesson. Kids can become jealous and as a mother, I want Riley to know and be okay with having more then one friend. Riley is such a loving little girl that I would dislike if she came home one day to say she could only have one best friend, or even have a friend no longer be her friend because she doesn’t want more then one best friend.

The first episode shows multiple scenes that need problem solving. Monty and Jimmy Jones go in these adventures, using their imagination to solve these problems.

Kids using their imagination is one of the greatest perks of being a kid. However, using their imagination to problem solve is even greater. It’s a great way to use the mind, as the mind is a powerful thing.


Riley is loving the new Netflix Original Series Kazoops! She thinks Jimmy Jones is just adorable and can’t wait to watch another episode.

Be sure to check out Kazoops on Netflix as well as their social Chanel’s. I can promise you as a mom, you won’t be disappointed. Kazoops is such a cute show for your little one.

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  1. Janet W. says

    My family needs Netflix! This looks so adorable and something my grandsons might enjoy watching!

  2. This looks like a cute show.

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