Keep Your Kids Away From Your Gaming Account!

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Forecasts for 2022 speak of the global gambling industry reaching $635 billion in revenues. Also, by 2020, online games like slot machines are expected to become an even greater piece of the puzzle, with revenues representing 45% of the total figures. If you are a fervent fan of casino games or you love to engage in esport, you are already bringing your own contribution to the current gambling scene. But what if your underaged children would be doing the same thing without your knowledge?

The sad and worrying truth is that as much as today’s operators might try to promote a highly responsible and transparent gambling environment, problems do occur periodically. Namely, children may get exposed to adult gambling by mistake when a parent leave their mobile phone open for a few minutes. Online operators recognize the problem and are working on technical solutions that will prevent underaged access. Facial recognition is expected to be tested by some operators during 2020 but safety begins in our own home. If you like to gamble, especially if you do it for money, make sure you do everything to keep your account safe. Here are some examples of what you what you can do to prevent your kids from accessing your online gaming accounts. 

1. Hide Your Credit Card Info And Account Number

  • Make sure you never leave your wallet at the easy reach of your children so they cannot access your credit cards and use them to gamble online. Also, do not leave your credit card information written down on post-its or saved in computer documents your kids can easily find and access.
  • Use powerful and unique passwords and do not have them written down either, for obvious reasons.
  • Do not save your  username and password for your gaming account for easy login purposes, or your kids (or anyone else using your PC/mobile) will have no problem accessing your account online and wagering with the exiting bankroll.

2. Only Opt For Trustworthy Sites

Carefully select the venues you are interested in joining. Use expert review platforms like to make sure you choose top sites that rely on 128-bit SSL security protocols used by financial institutions all around the world. Read the user agreement and the terms and conditions of sites that crosses your path online. Make sure they promote a fully responsible gambling environment for all players while actively preventing compulsive gambling and underage access to their games and services. Don’t forget about UnscrambleX for Words with Friends!

One particular element that should convince you that you are about to join a site with a good reputation and license when needed. The symbol of the license will tell you that the gaming options on the respective site are carefully and accurately monitored with the intention of providing a player with the highest levels of protection. The best companies should feature additional security elements like self-exclusion, self-limits and the protection of underaged minors. Players under the age of 18 are not allowed to create accounts online and make real money wagers. In this regard, sites should not be designed in such a way to look appealing to children. Take a look at the platforms you are registered on and make sure they rely on complex verification systems that can successfully identify all minors who might be attempting to log in.

3. Install Filtering Software To Block Your Kids]

The advent of mobile gambling technologies and the fact that most kids own a smartphone nowadays is making things even more difficult for both gambling companies and parents. Why limiting kids’ screen time is a good idea, it will only partially solve the problem. Who can tell what your underaged son or daughter are doing on their phones from the privacy of their rooms late at night when you are asleep? Keep in mind the search history on any phone and computer can be deleted with a single click or tap. The same goes for the latest accessed sites, so doing periodical check ups might not cut it.

Instead, you could focus on using filtering apps and software that can prevent minors from enjoying unrestricted gaming on their computers or tablets. Gamban, Net Nanny and Cyber Patrol are just a few of the most reputable filter software developers at the moment.

Extra Tips For Parents

Keeping some safety routines around our online activities are just as important as keeping our money safe while traveling. By reflex we make sure never to leave our handbag open or unattended, even for a second, still so often we move away from our pc, or smartphone, while logged into a personal account. For better online protection, simply start by applying some of the same safety principles you probably already have in place in regards to your handbag, or wallet. 

Try not to leave your kids unattended near your laptop or desktop computer when you are logged into a gaming, or leave a game running in the background. Use powerful passwords on all of your gaming apps and talk to your children about the risks of underage gambling. Vigilance is crucial, but keep in mind no site is completely foolproof, so you will need to take some additional prevention measures as well – just as with your wallet!

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