Keeping Our Families Active

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Keeping Your Family Active is Important

Keeping active as a family today is no easy task. Certainly, this has not been made any easier by the total accessibility of the internet and the widespread ownership of smartphones, tablets and laptops, even amongst our kids. In fact, research shows that 50 percent of 12 to 20 year olds are not getting the exercise they need.  Indeed, it seems that many kids today would rather exercise their fingers than their bodies and minds! However there are a few small and fun ways to keep our children fit.

Lead by Example

It’s all very well for you to ask your children to do more exercise. But of course, if you’re stuck on the computer yourself, they will be far less likely to pay attention. Try engaging them with some family activities, like playing football or swimming together. Children will be far more receptive if you are ‘walking the walk’ yourself. Not only that, but it is a great way for the whole family to keep active together.

Make Exercise Fun

Try and complete jobs around the house together and turn them into fun: Cleaning the car could turn into a water fight! Sure, it may take twice as long to get the job done this way, but the overall result will be worth it. Or look for other fun exercise options like cycling with electric bicycles. These are readily available these days from retailers such Electric Bike World, and they offer an exciting alternative to conventional riding that is just as good for the family.

Cook Together

Cooking is a great way to keep children healthy and busy, whilst teaching them some essential life skills. Together you can decide on meals, shop for ingredients at the supermarket or market, prepare vegetables and cook the meals together. Not only will this keep your children active, but it can also teach them about budgeting and will help them to appreciate food and what goes into cooking. And of course your kids will be far more willing to eat healthy food if they’ve had a hand in bringing it to the table!

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  1. We go to the YMCA every Saturday as a family. I also go 3 times a week to workout and my son goes to their daycare where they play basketball and have a bounce house! I can’t wait until it’s warmer… I’m ready to be outside!

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